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1 The effects of Direct Instruction on reading comprehension for individuals with autism or intellectual disability Head, C. N. 2016 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
2 IOWA READS reading remediation program results Ferguson, R. 2016 Elementary Reading, Kindergarten
3 Effective Direct Instruction implementations: The impact of administrative decisions and time Stockard, J. 2016 Implementation
4 Effects of Reading Mastery as a small group intervention for young children with ASD Kamps, D.; Heitzman-Powell, L.; Rosenberg, N.; Mason, R.; Schwartz, I.; Romine, R. S. 2016 Elementary Reading, Kindergarten
5 Changing Mathematics and Reading Achievement with Direct Instruction: Kment Elementary School in Roseville, Michigan Stockard, J. 2015 Uncategorized
6 The effects of Direct Instruction’s Corrective Reading program on the reading proficiency of students in a self-contained special education school Sawyer, S. 2015 Secondary Reading
7 The impact of the SRA Corrective Reading program on standardized testing Oyola, T. 2015 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
8 Effectiveness of the Direct Instruction Language for Learning Curriculum Among Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Shillingsburg, M. A.; Bowen, C. N.; Peterman, R. K.; Gayman, M. D. 2015 Language
9 The long-term impacts of Direct Instruction and the Maple Model: College preparation and readiness Stockard, J.; Carnine, L.; Rasplica, C.; Paine, S.; Chaparro, E. 2015 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading, Secondary Multiple Subjects
10 The relationship between lesson progress in Direct Instruction programs and student test performance Stockard, J. 2014 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Kindergarten
11 A review of explicit and systematic scripted instructional programs for students with autism spectrum disorder Plavnick, J.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Thompson, J.; Wood, A. L. 2014 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Secondary Reading, Secondary Math, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects
12 Examining the Inaccuracies and Mystifying Policies and Standards of the What Works Clearinghouse: Finding from a Freedom of Information Act Request Wood, T. W. 2014 What Works Clearinghouse
13 Comparison of Direct Instruction and discrete trial teaching on the curriculum-based assessment of language performance of students with autism Flores, M.; Ganz, J. 2014 Language
14 Effect of Direct Instruction programs on teaching reading comprehension to students with learning disabilities Parker, J. L. S. 2014 Secondary Reading
15 An Analysis of Achievement Scores of Arthur Academy Schools, 2007 to 2013 Arthur, C.; Stockard, J. 2014 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Kindergarten
16 The effectiveness of a phonics-based early intervention for deaf and hard of hearing preschool children and its possible impact on reading skills in elementary school: A case study Wang, Y.; Spychala, H.; Harris, R.; Oetting, T. 2013 Elementary Reading, Preschool
17 Meaningful reading gains by adult literacy learners Scarborough, H. S.; Sabatini, J. P.; Shore, J.; Cutting, L. E.; Pugh, K.; Katz, L. 2013 Secondary Reading
18 Examining the What Works Clearinghouse and Its Reviews of Direct Instruction Programs Stockard, J. 2013 Elementary Reading
19 The WWC Review Process: An Analysis of Errors in Two Recent Reports Stockard, J.; Wood, T. W. 2013 Elementary Reading, What Works Clearinghouse
20 Effects of Direct Instruction versus Reading First on Reading Comprehension of Students in Southwest Arkansas Jenkins, J. A. 2013 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
21 Direct Instruction in the Guam Public Schools: An Analysis of Changes in Stanford Achievement Test Scores Stockard, J. 2013 Elementary Reading
22 Technical Support, Fidelity, and Retaining Direct Instruction in the Guam Public School System Stockard, J. 2013 Implementation
23 Effects of using a scientifically and evidence-based mathematics curriculum to teach fifth grade math skills to a heterogeneous group of fifth graders in a parochial, Catholic school Skarr, A. 2013 Elementary Mathematics
24 Effects of Direct Instruction on telling time by students with autism Thompson, J.; Wood, C. L.; Test, D. W.; Cease-Cook, J. 2012 Elementary Mathematics
25 Effects of matching instruction difficulty to reading level for students with escape-maintained problem behavior Sanford, A.; Horner, R. 2012 Elementary Reading
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