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DI Programs

Most Direct Instruction programs are published by McGraw-Hill Education. You can find more information about these programs by following our links below to the publisher's website or by viewing their current catalog.

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McGraw-Hill, the primary publisher of the DI family of programs, has released its 2014 product catalog. The following DI programs are included in the catalog:

              • Reading Mastery
              • Horizons
              • Corrective Reading
              • Language for Learning, Language for Thinking & Language for Writing
              • Reasoning and Writing
              • Essentials for Writing
              • Expressive Writing
              • Spelling Mastery
              • Spelling Through Morphographs
              • Cursive Writing
              • Connecting Math Concepts
              • Corrective Mathematics
              • Essentials for Algebra

You can browse an interactive online edition of the catalog, as well as download a free PDF version. Rather get a copy of the traditional printed version of the catalog? Don't worry, you still can! Simply visit McGraw-Hill online, fill out a brief form and watch your mailbox for your very own copy!

Find DI programs quickly with our 2014 Quick Find Table of Contents. It is a great companion to the McGraw-Hill Education catalog.


Also, please note that DISTAR Arithmetic is not listed in the current McGraw-Hill catalog; however the program is still available. For more information, please visit: Pricing for this program can be obtained from the same website or you can download the DISTAR Arithmetic Cost Worksheet (McGraw Hill, 2014).


Sopris West and the University of Oregon Bookstore also publish several DI programs, including REWARDS, DISE and Understanding US History. These programs are also linked to the publisher's website below.


Because the DI programs are oriented toward students’ skill proficiency rather than their age or grade level, it is critical that teachers use the level of the DI programs that corresponds to their students’ current skill level. You can determine which level of the program matches your students’ current instructional needs by administering the placement tests contained in all DI programs. Find the administration instructions and placement tests here.



Reading Mastery: Classic, Plus, Signature*
     -  pdf Download the Literature in Reading Mastery Signature Edition Booklet
Corrective Reading


Language & Writing

Language for Learning
Language for Thinking
         Reading Mastery Signature Edition Language Arts Strand
Expressive Writing
       Reasoning & Writing
       Cursive Writing Program



Connecting Math Concepts
        Connecting Math Concepts: Comprehensive Edition (2012), Levels A-C*
       Connecting Math Concepts: Comprehensive Edition (2012), Levels D-F
Corrective Math
DISTAR Arithmetic
Essentials for Algebra



Spelling Mastery
Spelling Through Morphographs


Other Programs

Understanding US History
Direct Instruction Spoken English (DISE)
Direct Instruction Spoken English (DISE) 2
Español to English


Found a program error?

Have you ever discovered an error in the DI programs? The programs are thoroughly vetted and field tested before publication, but sometimes errors still appear.

If you've found an error in a DI program, email the authors at The Engelmann-Becker Corporation (named after the founders of DI) is devoted to designing, field testing and refining the DI curricula both before and after they are published. The E-B Corp would be eager to learn of any errors you've found in the programs so they can note them and work with the publisher to correct errors before the next printing.


 *Be sure to click on the "Learn More" button on the program's page to see the Common Core State Standards Correlations.


Implementing Direct Instruction Successfully: An Online Tutorial

When implemented fully, Direct Instruction (DI) is unparalleled in its ability to improve student performance and enhance students’ self-esteem. In order to implement DI effectively, much more is required than simply purchasing instructional materials. The following two-part tutorial guides administrators, teachers and coaches through the key features of a successful DI implementation. Part I provides an overview of the steps schools need to take in preparation for a DI implementation before school starts while Part II provides an overview of the steps schools need to take after school has started.

rating starIMPORTANT: This tutorial is an intensive video series comprised of 18 segments, each followed by a series of questions. Users should allow approximately three hours to watch the videos and complete the questions. NIFDI recognizes the high demand for time placed on school officials and, for this reason, has structured the tutorial so users may stop at anytime and later resume where they left off.


Have a slow connection? You can view the quiz portion (no videos) of the tutorial here. To get a copy of the videos on disk to use with this method, please contact us at 877.485.1973 or

New to Direct Instruction? Watch the Introduction to Direct Instruction Video Series before taking the online tutorial.

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