Leadership Academy

Do you have a significant number of students performing below grade level? Are you looking for an instructional approach that will be effective with your student population?

Join the National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI) for a Direct Instruction (DI) Leadership Academy on the essentials of a successful DI implementation designed for administrators, instructional coaches, curriculum directors and school board members.   

This session will provide school leaders with a framework for making leadership more student-focused through:

  • A clear focus on student outcomes and how changes in the current instructional environment will improve outcomes for all students.
  • An understanding of the framework for implementing Direct Instruction and how to
    maximize resources for efficient implementation.
  • Understanding how Direct Instruction supports and delivers systematic and effective instruction and accelerates learning of all students.
  • Understanding how DI provides teachers with tools they need to be successful.
  • Understanding how to organize schools to achieve the most effective instruction possible for all students and teachers.

Session participants will:

  • Understand how DI facilitates effective instructional leadership.
  • Acquire skills and knowledge that will show leaders how schools should be set up for success with DI.
  • Identify steps school leaders should take to prepare forimplementing DI.
  • Develop a personal "action plan" for transforming his/her school into an effective, efficient school.

The training runs from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. 

Dates & Locations: 

About the Presenter

Jane Carter, Ph.D.

Jane Carter is a veteran Direct Instruction teacher, trainer and coach. In 1990, after a decade of teaching DI, she became the Assistant Supervisor of Special Education in the Portland Public School District in Oregon and later served as principal in the Bethel and Eugene 4j school districts. While teaching, Dr. Carter also worked as a supervisor and trainer in the Special Education program at the University of Oregon. Since 2011, she has served as a consultant for the National Institute for Direct Instruction, as well as a university instructor and researcher.

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