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1 A randomized control study of instructional approaches for struggling adult readers Greenberg, D.; Wise, J.; Morris, R.; Fredrick, L.; Nanda, A. O.; Pae, H. 2011 Secondary Reading
2 Assessing the effects of Corrective Reading Decoding B1 with a high school student with intellectual and developmental disabilities: A case study Peterson, J. L.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R. 2008 Secondary Reading
3 At risk students (Lee County, Alabama) SRA/McGraw-Hill, 1998 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
4 Basic Model Project, Longwood University, Farmville Virginia SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2003 Secondary Reading
5 Belmont community school, Worcester, Massachusetts community school, Belmont 1991 Elementary Reading, Language
6 Chapter 1 clinical and guidance program 1985-1986: OEA evaluation report Guerrero, F.; Walker, S.; Langlois, C. 1987 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Secondary Reading, Secondary Math, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects
7 Chapter 1 clinical and guidance program 1988-89: Evaluation section report of Education, New York City Board 1990 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Secondary Reading, Secondary Math, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects, Kindergarten, English as a Second Language
8 Cleveland school keeps Reading Mastery as curriculum core SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Elementary Reading, Language, Kindergarten
9 Colonial High School: Orlando, Florida SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2003 Secondary Reading
10 Comparing a literature-based and skills-based approach for elementary pupils of limited reading proficiency Froelich, K. S. 1992 Elementary Reading
11 Comparison of reading intervention approaches for students with mild disabilities Marston, D.; Deno, S.; Kim, D.; Diment, K.; Rogers, D. 1995 Elementary Reading
12 Components of effective reading instruction for reading disabled students: An evaluation of a program combining code and strategy-instruction Clark, D. S. 2001 Elementary Reading
13 Conducting action research in a rural high school setting using peers as Corrective Reading Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Orlob, M.; Ebey, T. 2000 Secondary Reading
14 Corrective Reading evaluation study Kasendorf, S. J.; McQuaid, P. 1987 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
15 Corrective Reading helps ELL students gain multiple years growth SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2007 Secondary Reading
16 Corrective Reading helps English-Language learners improve reading skills SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2008 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading, English as a Second Language
17 Corrective Reading program evaluated with secondary students in San Diego Campbell, M. L. 1984 Secondary Reading
18 Corrective Reading program evaluation for struggling readers in third grade Knudsen, S. L. 2006 Elementary Reading
19 Corrective Reading Program: An Analysis of Effectiveness with Learning Disabled and Mentally Retarded Students Polloway, E.; Epstein, M.; Polloway, C.; Patton, J.; Ball, D. 1986 Secondary Reading
20 Corrective Reading Programme: An evaluation Gregory, R.; Hackney, C.; Gregory, N. 1982 Secondary Reading
21 Corrective Reading tested in U.K.: An Exciting year with Direct Instruction Holdsworth, P. 1985 Elementary Reading
22 Corrective Reading: An effective method for teaching severely learning disabled elementary students Worner, L. J. 1989 Elementary Reading
23 Corrective Reading: An evidence-based remedial reading intervention Hempenstall, K. 2008 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
24 Developing and implementing a curriculum and instructional program to improve reading achievement of middle-grade students with learning disabilities in a rural school district Stephens, M. A. 1993 Secondary Reading
25 Direct Instruction helps Milwaukee schools increase reading scores SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Elementary Reading

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