Lyn House

Lyn 11 2017


"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

- Albert Einstein




Program Director

B.S. in Education, Chadron State College

Years of DI Experience:



Lyn House is an experienced Direct Instruction (DI) coach, project director and trainer with 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education in 1989 at Chadron State College and began her teaching career in Lakewood, Colorado as a preschool teacher. Continuing her classroom teaching career until 2010, she also worked as a 4th grade teacher at Jefferson County Public Schools in Littleton, Colorado and taught Kindergarten and 5th grade at Gering Public Schools in Nebraska. During her time as a Kindergarten teacher, Lyn helped Gering Public Schools implement Reading Mastery and Language for Learning. While teaching in Gering, she attended NIFDI’s Trainer of Trainers in 2007. Since then, she has served as a DI trainer in multiple cities throughout the US.

From 2010-2013, Lyn served as RtI Reading Coach for Project READERS, a research project through the University of Nebraska and Lehigh University. During the 3-year project, she helped train and coach interventionists and teachers to use data to guide instruction and intervention decisions for students with reading difficulties and to plan and implement evidence-based instructional strategies and interventions that are responsive to students' needs. During the study, she coached teachers and interventionists both onsite and via distance in various schools throughout Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Since 2009, Lyn has worked as DI Implementation Manager for schools in Nebraska, Georgia, Florida, and most recently in Texas with IDEA Public Schools.