For over 20 years, the National Institute for Direct Instruction has supported schools’ efforts to give students the best opportunity for success and develop teachers’ skills to utilize the finest tools for ensuring that success.

By making your tax deductible donation to NIFDI, a 501 (c(3)) non-profit organization, you can help us impact the lives of more children. Select the program areas you want your money to support:

1) Research - Conducting, promoting and disseminating research on Direct Instruction and its implementation.

2) Training and Coaching - Providing on-site training and coaching to schools, as well as open-registration training events.

3) Educational Outreach - Offering videos, articles and other tools and materials to promote the effective use of Direct Instruction.

Want to donate or need more information?

If you have questions about donating to NIFDI or including NIFDI in your estate planning, contact:
Christine Wlaschin, Chief Operating Officer
christine@nifdi.org or 877.485.1973 x136

For information on NIFDI, contact:
Bryan Wickman, Outreach Events Coordinator
bwickman@nifdi.org or 877.485.1973 x147

Download a pdf donation form  or donate online by clicking the button below.

**Please note: If you want your donation to support a specific area or cause, please indicate your preferences in the "Add special instructions to the seller" box found on the checkout page in PayPal. You do not have to designate a specific program area for support.


In spite of over 40 years of accumulated data on the efficacy of DI, there is still a demand for current, up-to-date research. Your donation can fund additional research projects and studies, support emerging scholars, and develop tools to access existing research, keeping the research base on DI vibrant and current.

Conducting Original Research

New standards for the acceptance of research have required a massive replication of earlier work, as well as new original studies. NIFDI’s Office of Research conducts original research in a number of areas, including analyzing the impact of NIFDI’s work in schools. Many of the over two dozen studies produced to date have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, and the results of the others are disseminated to benefit the field of education.

Supporting Emerging Scholars

NIFDI offers fellowships to support research on Direct Instruction and promote the development of emerging scholars in the field of education. Two types of awards are granted: fellowships to support graduate student dissertation or thesis projects and postdoctoral fellowships for emerging or established scholars.

Fellowship grantees address a variety of Direct Instruction issues, with preference given to those that examine the efficacy of DI curricular programs and incorporate random assignment of students, classrooms, or schools. To date, $15,000 in awards have been granted.

Disseminating Research

NIFDI’s Office of Research promotes the dissemination of research on Direct Instruction through several outlets:

  • A free online searchable database of more than 200 research studies on DI
  • A comprehensive bibliography listing all research studies ever published on DI
  • An active DI Researcher email list with members from around the US and beyond
  • Participation in researcher consortiums and conferences

Training & Coaching

Reforming Schools Through DI

NIFDI has provided direct support to over 200 schools from around the world as they implement DI, transforming failing schools into highly effective models of instruction. Through these schools, NIFDI has positively impacted tens of thousands of students who would likely have otherwise experienced failure and personal tragedy. Through your tax-deductible donation to NIFDI, you can help change the lives of many more students like those at City Springs School in Baltimore, Maryland:

City Springs MSA







Open Registration Training Events

NIFDI also conducts open-enrollment Institutes and Conferences where educators receive training on program implementation, coaching and administrative leadership. These open-registration events provide the same training schools partnering with NIFDI have received for years. Your donation can help us defray the costs of these events for participants, helping to provide more educators access to quality training.

Educational Outreach

Many people - educators and non-educators alike - do not know that Direct Instruction is the most viable solution to educational failure. Through production of videos, tutorials, presentations, booklets, supplementary materials and the like, decision makers have the opportunity to hear and see the powerful effect DI can have on student performance.

DI can have on student performance. NIFDI also works with community groups and other non-academic organizations to help them understand how to influence the decisions their local school districts make regarding curriculum and instruction. Through these partnerships, NIFDI has helped bring DI into a number of schools. You can help introduce Direct Instruction to hundreds more by making a tax-deductible contribution to NIFDI in support of educational outreach efforts.

Each of these areas are important to our goal of giving every student the greatest chance of becoming an educated, productive citizen in today’s world. Through your tax-deductible donation, you can join NIFDI in making a difference in the lives of children.

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