Direct Instruction Testimonials

Be Free to Focus on Students Again

Consider this:

It's 2:30pm and you've just looked at tomorrow's lesson plans. Verbs. You think to yourself, "Hmm...ok. Where is that worksheet I had on verbs? In the filing cabinet? On my computer? No, I think it is in the file set in the back room..." You finally locate the master, but you still need copies. You head for the office to make copies, only to end up the last teacher in the line for the copy machine. Not only is this a lot of legwork to get everything prepped for the next day's lesson, it has left the design of instruction up to you to figure out.

Direct Instruction has already done these jobs for you. The lessons are planned, the sequence of tasks have been carefully laid out to ensure students have the foundational skills they need before doing that day's lesson and the teacher isn't spending valuable time trying to track down materials. 

With DI, you're not the technician anymore. You're not making up the lessons anymore. You're free to foucs on your students again!

~ Robyn