Direct Instruction Testimonials

Proud of my Smart, Happy 1st Graders!

This past year has been an amazing and enlightening experience for me; I hope for my students as well. Using Reading Mastery, I’ve been able to develop, as well as enhance, my kids’ reading abilities. It’s pretty much the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in my life. I believe by the end of first grade these guys will be able to read around 100 words per minute, if not more (I’ve got many students up around 180-200 words per minute), with a vocabulary of approximately 1700 words.

I really appreciate the science behind the programs. I like how new bits of information are introduced in small increments, while the major concepts are repeated over and over again. Like in Connecting Math Concepts 1, for instance, we have a similar routine everyday, and I feel like my kids have a solid grasp of the material. Their test scores prove it. I give my students a lot of credit. We have really high standards, and students step up to the plate. With some exceptions, they come everyday ready to learn and work hard. I teach the lessons with energy, enthusiasm and excitement, which I think helps keep the kids engaged. Overall, however, I think the curriculum combined with the DI approach are what a lot of my students' successes can be attributed to.

DI is a huge success. My students are smart and happy, and I’m super proud of them!

~ Billee, 1st Grade Teacher