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Dr. Muriel Berkeley

Dr. Muriel Berkeley

Board Member

 "We know that the intellectual crippling of children is by faulty instruction — not by faulty children."

- Siegfried Engelmann

B.A. in Social Relations, Radcliffe College, Harvard University
Ph.D. in Social Relations, Johns Hopkins University

Muriel Berkeley was the founding president of the Baltimore Curriculum Project which operates three Baltimore City charter schools that serve every family in their zoned neighborhoods: City Springs School, Hampstead Hill Academy and Wolfe Street Academy.  She retired from the Baltimore Curriculum Project in 2012, and continues to serve on its Board of Directors.  Berkeley taught for most of her career: in elementary school classrooms in North Hanover Township, New Jersey and Baltimore City; in middle school classrooms in Baltimore City; and in undergraduate and graduate school classrooms at Goucher College, Towson State University and George Washington University.  She earned a BA in Social Relations at Radcliffe College, Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Social Relations at the Johns Hopkins University. 

Berkeley is dedicated to showing as many people as possible the truth of Siegfried Engelmann’s 1991 statement: “We know that the intellectual crippling of children is by faulty instruction – not by faulty children.”

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