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126 Curriculum influences on growth in early reading fluency for students with academic and behavioral risks: A descriptive study Kamps, D.; Wills, H.; Greenwood, C.; Thorne, S.; Lazo, J.; Crockett, J.; Akers, J.; Swaggart, B. 2003 Project Follow Through
127 The Baltimore curriculum project: Final report of the four-year evaluation study Mac Iver, M. A.; Kemper, E.; Stringfield, S. 2003 Project Follow Through
128 Effects of Corrective Reading on the reading abilities and classroom behaviors of middle school students with reading deficits and challenging behavior Lingo, A. S. 2003 Project Follow Through
129 Closing the achievement gap: The implementation of Direct Instruction in Whiteville City Schools Frink-Lawrence, V. 2003 Project Follow Through
130 Achievement Outcomes in Baltimore City Schools Butler, P. A. 2003 Project Follow Through
131 Effectiveness of SRA Corrective Reading Brown, A. L. 2003 Project Follow Through
132 Comprehensive school reform and achievement: A meta-analysis Borman, G.; Hewes, G.; Overman, L.; Brown, S. 2003 Project Follow Through
133 The effects of repeated readings on student performance in the Corrective Reading program Steventon, C.; Fredrick, L. 2003 Project Follow Through
134 Early exposure to Direct Instruction and subsequent juvenile delinquency: A prospective examination Mills, P.; Cole, K.; Jenkins, J.; Dale, P. 2003 Project Follow Through
135 The effectiveness of the Corrective Reading program with middle school remedial readers McMahon, K. S. 2002 Project Follow Through
136 The effectiveness of the SRA Corrective Reading curriculum in increasing reading level achievement of eighth grade students at Eagles' Landing Middle School Kelso, P. F. H. 2002 Project Follow Through
137 City Springs Elementary School, Baltimore, Maryland SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2002 Project Follow Through
138 Portland Elementary School, Portland, Arkansas SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2002 Project Follow Through
139 Effects of the SRA Corrective Reading program on the reading performance of eighth grade students with learning disabilities Ridout, J. L. 2002 Project Follow Through
140 A comparison of high- and low- frequency criteria on reading agility, retention, endurance and Direct Instruction Reading Mastery checkout performance of elementary students academically at risk Morgenstern, B. D. 2002 Project Follow Through
141 Does the use of a Direct Instruction reading program affect the early literacy skills in an urban five-year-old kindergarten class? LeCapitaine, K. J. 2002 Project Follow Through
142 Reading Mastery versus word study instruction as it pertains to third graders' reading achievement scores Sullivan, M. 2002 Project Follow Through
143 Implementing research-based reading programs in the Fort Worth Independent School District O'Brien, D.; Ware, A. 2002 Project Follow Through
144 Differences between a Direct Instruction reading approach and a balanced reading approach among elementary school students McGahey, J. 2002 Project Follow Through
145 The impact of Direct Instruction on elementary students’ reading achievement in an urban school district Mac Iver, M. A.; Kemper, E. 2002 Project Follow Through
146 Evaluation of Broward County Alliance of Quality Schools Project Ligas, M. 2002 Project Follow Through
147 Supplemental instruction in decoding skills for Hispanic and non-Hispanic students in early elementary school Gunn, B.; Smolkowski, K.; Biglan, A.; Black, C. 2002 Project Follow Through
148 Making the most of instructional time: Teaching reading at an accelerated rate to students at risk Fredrick, L.; Keel, M.; Neel, J. 2002 Project Follow Through
149 The Efficacy of the SRA Reading Program for Disabled Learners as Measured by the Terra Nova Achievement Test Earheart, L. S. 2002 Project Follow Through
150 Increasing the reading achievement of at-risk children through Direct Instruction: Evaluation of the Rodeo Institute for Teacher Excellence (RITE) Carlson, C.; Francis, D. 2002 Project Follow Through

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