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# Title Authors Year Research areas
Results 151 - 175 of 402
151 Early exposure to Direct Instruction and subsequent juvenile delinquency: A prospective examination Mills, P.; Cole, K.; Jenkins, J.; Dale, P. 2002 Project Follow Through
152 Direct Instruction Reading Mastery: A small scale study focused on male students with specific learning disabilities: Does It Really Work? Banta, K. 2002 Project Follow Through
153 An analysis of the Reading Mastery program: Effective components and research review Schieffer, C.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Simonsen, F.; Waldron-Soler, K. 2002 Project Follow Through
154 The impact of an intensive program to increase the literacy skills of youth confined to juvenile corrections Drakeford, W. 2002 Project Follow Through
155 The effects of the Language for Learning program on the receptive language skills of kindergarten children Benner, G.; Trout, A.; Nordness, P.; Nelson, J.; Epstein, M.; Knobel, M.; Epstein, A.; Maguire, K.; Birdsell, R. 2002 Project Follow Through
156 Teaching fractions to middle-school students Scarlato, M.; Burr, W. 2002 Project Follow Through
157 Implementing Corrective Reading: Coaching issues Hummel, J.; Wiley, L.; Huitt, W.; Roesch, M.; Richardson, J. 2002 Project Follow Through
158 Use of precorrection strategies to enhance reading performance of students with learning and behavior problems Miao, Y.; Darch, C.; Rabren, K. 2002 Project Follow Through
159 Using Reasoning and Writing to teach writing skills to students with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders Anderson, D; Keel, M. 2002 Project Follow Through
160 Using Reasoning and Writing with gifted fifth grade students Ginn, P.; Keel, M.; Fredrick, L. 2002 Project Follow Through
161 Effects of a 15-week Language for Learning implementation with children in an integrated preschool Waldron-Soler, K.; Martella, R.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Tso, M.; Warner, D.; Miller, D. 2002 Project Follow Through
162 Effects of teacher training and coaching on student achievement in the Corrective Reading program at Sussex Central Middle School Esham, L. A. 2001 Project Follow Through
163 A comparison of reading achievement made by LD and low IQ students using a Direct Instruction reading program Sprinkman, A. 2001 Project Follow Through
164 Components of effective reading instruction for reading disabled students: An evaluation of a program combining code and strategy-instruction Clark, D. S. 2001 Project Follow Through
165 Comparison of the effects of Direct Instruction and basal instruction on the reading achievement of first-grade students identified as students with reading difficulties Butler, M. T. 2001 Project Follow Through
166 An analysis of phonological awareness instruction in four kindergarten basal reading programs Smith, S.; Simmons, D.; Gleason, M.; Kameenui, E.; Baker, S.; Sprick, M.; Gunn, B.; Thomas, C.; Chard, D.; Plasencia-Peinado, J.; Peinado, R. 2001 Project Follow Through
167 The effects of the intensity of phonological awareness instruction on the acquisition of literacy skills League, M. 2001 Project Follow Through
168 A survey of levels of supervisory support and maintenance of effects reported by educators involved in Direct Instruction implementations Blakely, M. 2001 Project Follow Through
169 A comparison of curriculum-specified reading checkout timings and daily 1-minute timing on student performance in Reading Mastery Frankhauser, M.; Tso, M.; Martella, R. 2001 Project Follow Through
170 Educators' views of implementing Direct Instruction curricula: Connections to students with disabilities Wilson, B. 2000 Project Follow Through
171 The Two-Year Evaluation of the Three-Year Direct Instruction Program in an Urban Public School System Yu, L.; Rachor, R. 2000 Project Follow Through
172 A study of the implementation of a Direct Instruction reading program and its effects on the reading achievement of low socioeconomic students in an urban public school Goldman, B. 2000 Project Follow Through
173 Brief Report on Performance of Students Whose First Language is Spanish: Direct Instruction and a Comparison School Slocum, T. 2000 Project Follow Through
174 The efficacy of supplemental instruction in decoding skills for Hispanic and non-Hispanic students in early elementary school Gunn, B.; Biglan, A.; Smolkowski, K.; Ary, D. 2000 Project Follow Through
175 The effectiveness of Direct Instruction versus traditional basal reading instruction as it pertains to at-risk youth DiChiara, L. E. 2000 Project Follow Through

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