The services and implementation materials provided by the National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI) provide schools and districts with a strong basis for implementing the comprehensive Direct Instruction (DI) model successfully with all children. However, a successful implementation requires much more than the services NIFDI provides. What a school does with the services makes the biggest difference. Teachers and administrators themselves are the ones who implement the model day in and day out. The way in which the implementation is set up at the school and the way it is carried out every day will determine how successful DI will be with students. 

This section provides a description of the primary ways schools can ensure a successful implementation of DI. This section describes the main steps to take when NIFDI is on site as well as steps to take when NIFDI is off site.

Additionally, the pdf Developer's Guidelines  describe critical components that need to be in place to ensure a successful implementation of DI and how to install a system of accountability. The Developer's Guidelines are authored by Siegfried "Zig" Engelmann, creator and senior author of Direct Instruction.

IMPORTANT:  The description on this site of each of the ways schools can ensure a successful implementation is accompanied by a box like this one that describes the consequences of forgoing any of the implementation components.  Read the boxes and carefully consider the consequences of omitting any implementation component.  You will find that each implementation component will help every child succeed! 

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