Most Direct Instruction programs are published by McGraw-Hill Education. You can find more information about these programs by visiting our program webpages or by viewing the current catalog.

Sopris West and the University of Oregon Bookstore also publish several DI programs, including REWARDS and Understanding US History

Only a select group of published instructional materials meet the rigorous standards for true DI programs according to the Rubric for Identifying Authentic Direct Instruction Programs. The pdf Program Reference Chart lists all of the Authentic Direct Instruction programs and gives summary information about each one.

To help you select appropriate programs, NIFDI has created the document   pdf Using Direct Instruction to Close Performance Gaps: A Guide to Published DI Programs . The guide provides key information on critical aspects of the programs as the number of lessons contained in each level of the program, grouping guidelines, timetabling/scheduling requirements, and links to the publishers.

2020 MHE Catalog

McGraw-Hill, the primary publisher of the DI family of programs, has released its 2023 Price List. The following DI programs are included in the list:

  • Reading Mastery
  • Horizons
  • Corrective Reading
  • Language for Learning, Language for Thinking & Language for Writing
  • Reasoning and Writing
  • Essentials for Writing
  • Expressive Writing
  • Spelling Mastery
  • Connecting Math Concepts
  • Corrective Mathematics
  • Essentials for Algebra 


The National Institute for Direct Instruction has created a DI Materials Cost Worksheet that will aid administrators and other decision-makers in determining program material costs. Constructed as a Microsoft Excel document, simply enter the quantities for each title and component into the worksheet, and the total estimated cost is automatically calculated at the bottom of the sheet. This document is updated regularly to reflect current pricing from the publisher, but users need to verify actual pricing from the publisher or through their sales representative. NIFDI does not sell programs directly and recommends this worksheet as a tool for estimating only.

Because the DI programs are oriented toward students’ skill proficiency rather than their age or grade level, it is critical that teachers use the level of the DI programs that correspond to their students’ current skill level. You can determine which level of the program matches your students’ current instructional needs by administering the placement tests contained in all DI programs.

Need to purchase a Direct Instruction curriculum? Contact your local McGraw-Hill Education Sales Representative. Not sure who it is? Look up your local rep's contact information on McGraw-Hill's Direct Instruction site.


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