Essentials for Algebra

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Essentials for Algebra is designed for students in middle school or high school who are at risk of failing to meet graduation requirements in math. The program teaches pre-algebra and introduces Algebra I content. The program focuses on providing a solid foundation for a traditional Algebra I course and other topics presented in math exams. Students learn about exponents, rate equations, signed-number multiplication, geometry, function tables, fractions, story problems and other topics. Essentials for Algebra enables students to translate a wide range of problem types into algebraic equations.

The program is comprised of 118 lessons with 11 in-program preparation tests. The first 15 lessons of the program teach and review basic math skills, including:

Lessons are designed for presentation to an entire class. Approximately 60 minutes of instructional time per lesson should be dedicated at the middle school level with an additional 45 minutes - 1 hour of independent work (homework). High school students receiving the program as an intervention require 90 minutes of instructional time plus an additional 10-20 minutes for independent work/homework.

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