Language for Thinking is an expansion of the skills and concepts taught in the Language for Learning Direct Instruction program. Both programs emphasize language as a means of describing the world and as a tool for thinking and solving problems. The program is most commonly used with students in grade 1 but is also effective for high-performing Kindergarten through low-performing grade 3 students, or with speakers of English as a second language.

Language for Thinking sets the stage for reading comprehension and written conventions of grammar by teaching extensive vocabulary and critical thinking skills. Newly learned language concepts and thinking skills are applied to problem-solving situations and continuously integrated and reviewed in later lessons. Students who complete Language for Thinking are well prepared to succeed on later tasks of reading comprehension, logical thinking, and applications of knowledge in new situations.


Outcome Research

American Federation of Teachers. (1998). Building on the best, learning from what works: Seven promising reading and language arts programs. Washington, DC.


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