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76 Supplemental instruction in decoding skills for Hispanic and non-Hispanic students in early elementary school Gunn, B.; Smolkowski, K.; Biglan, A.; Black, C. 2002 Project Follow Through
77 Tailoring Direct Instruction techniques for use with elementary students with brain injury Glang, A.; Singer, G.; Cooley, E.; Tish, N. 1992 Project Follow Through
78 Tallahassee School Achieves AYP for First Time SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
79 Teacher expectations of low-SES preschool and elementary children: Implications of a research-validated instructional intervention for curriculum policy and school reform Joseph, B. 2004 Project Follow Through
80 Teaching letter-sound correspondence to students with moderate intellectual disabilities Flores, M.; Shippen, M.; Alberto, P.; Crowe, L. 2004 Project Follow Through
81 Teaching low performers in upper-primary and lower-secondary to read by direct instruction methods Maggs, A.; Murdoch, R. 1979 Project Follow Through
82 The Benefits of Being High School Corrective Reading Peer Instructors Short, C.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Ebey, T. 1999 Project Follow Through
83 The Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Curricula: A Meta-Analysis of a Half Century of Research Stockard, J.; Wood, T.; Coughlin, C.; Khoury, C. Rasplica 2018 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Secondary Reading, Secondary Math, Writing, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects, Spelling, Affective Outcomes, Teacher/Parent Perceptions
84 The Effectiveness of Direct Instruction in Reading Compared to a State Mandated Language Arts Curriculum for Ninth and Tenth Graders with Specific Learning Disabilities M., Airhart K. 2005 Project Follow Through
85 The effectiveness of Direct Instruction versus traditional basal reading instruction as it pertains to at-risk youth DiChiara, L. E. 2000 Project Follow Through
86 The effectiveness of in-class instructive feedback versus after-class instructive feedback for teachers learning Direct Instruction teaching behaviors Coulter, G.; Grossen, B. 1997 Project Follow Through
87 The effectiveness of the Corrective Reading program with middle school remedial readers McMahon, K. S. 2002 Project Follow Through
88 The effectiveness of the SRA Corrective Reading curriculum in increasing reading level achievement of eighth grade students at Eagles' Landing Middle School Kelso, P. F. H. 2002 Project Follow Through
89 The effects of a Corrective Reading program in a middle school Pfender, R. A. 2007 Project Follow Through
90 The effects of a precision teaching/Direct Instruction reading program on the reading achievement of elementary school students Rothenbusch, T. 1999 Project Follow Through
91 The effects of an additional timed reading on reading rate Sulgrove, M. K.; McLaughlin, T. 2004 Project Follow Through
92 The effects of repeated readings on student performance in the Corrective Reading program Steventon, C.; Fredrick, L. 2003 Project Follow Through
93 The effects of the Corrective Reading Decoding program on the basic reading skills and social adjustment of students with high-incidence disabilities Benner, G.; Kinder, D.; Beaudoin, K.; Stein, M.; Hirschmann, K. 2005 Project Follow Through
94 The effects of using Direct Instruction and a re-reading contingency with a high school student Gregory, A.; McLaughlin, T.; Weber, K. 2005 Project Follow Through
95 The efficacy of supplemental instruction in decoding skills for Hispanic and non-Hispanic students in early elementary school Gunn, B.; Biglan, A.; Smolkowski, K.; Ary, D. 2000 Project Follow Through
96 The efficacy of utilizing a phonics treatment package with middle school deaf and hard-of-hearing students Trezek, B.; Malmgren, K. 2005 Project Follow Through
97 The impact of a structured reading curriculum and repeated reading on the performance of junior high students with emotional and behavioral disorders Strong, A.; Wehby, J.; Falk, K.; Lane, K. 2004 Project Follow Through
98 The impact of an intensive program to increase the literacy skills of youth confined to juvenile corrections Drakeford, W. 2002 Project Follow Through
99 The Monterey DI program for students with limited English (ESL) Gersten, R.; Brockway, M. A.; Henares, N. 1983 Project Follow Through
100 The relative impact of remedial reading instruction on the basic reading skills of students with emotional disturbance and learning disabilities Benner, G. 2007 Project Follow Through

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