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101 DI outcomes with middle-class second graders Engelmann, S.; Carnine, D. 1982 Project Follow Through
102 Diagramming a Logic Strategy: Effects on Difficult Problem Types and Transfer Grossen, B.; Carnine, D. 1990 Project Follow Through
103 DIBELS scores advance to grade level with Reading Mastery SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Project Follow Through
104 Differences between a Direct Instruction reading approach and a balanced reading approach among elementary school students McGahey, J. 2002 Project Follow Through
105 Direct Instruction for teaching “hard to teach” students Mathes, P.G.; Proctor, T.J. 1988 Project Follow Through
106 Direct Instruction helps Milwaukee schools increase reading scores SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Project Follow Through
107 Direct Instruction helps Native American school change course, improve reading SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2007 Project Follow Through
108 Direct Instruction in Critical Reading Skills Patching, W.; Kameenui, E.; Carnine, D. 1983 Project Follow Through
109 Direct Instruction in kindergarten part 2: Research findings Carnine, D.; Carnine, L.; Karp, J.; Weisberg, P. 1988 Project Follow Through
110 Direct Instruction in spelling increases gain in spelling and reading skills Lum, T.; Morton, L. L. 1984 Project Follow Through
111 Direct Instruction in the Guam Public Schools: An Analysis of Changes in Stanford Achievement Test Scores Stockard, J. 2013 Project Follow Through
112 Direct Instruction in the preschool Weisberg, P. 1988 Project Follow Through
113 Direct Instruction of decoding skills: Effects on fluency rate of two learning disabled students R., Ruchti K. 2005 Project Follow Through
114 Direct instruction of decoding skills: Effects on fluency rate of two learning disabled students Ruchti, K. R. 2005 Project Follow Through
115 Direct Instruction Reading Mastery: A small scale study focused on male students with specific learning disabilities: Does It Really Work? Banta, K. 2002 Project Follow Through
116 Direct Instruction reading with average first-graders Snider, V. 1990 Project Follow Through
117 Direct Instruction reading: Effects of the Reading Master Plus – Level K curriculum on preschool children with developmental delays Zayac, R. 2008 Project Follow Through
118 Direct Instruction reduces special education referrals in Louisiana school district by half SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2008 Project Follow Through
119 Direct Instruction Research: The Third Decade Gersten, R.; Carnine, D.; Woodward, J. 1987 Project Follow Through
120 Direct Instruction to accelerate cognitive growth Carnine, D.; Grossen, B.; Silbert, J. 1992 Project Follow Through
121 Direct Instruction with Special Education Students: A Review of Evaluation Research Gersten, R. 1985 Project Follow Through
122 Direct Instruction: A Project Follow Through Success Story in an Inner-City School Meyer, L.; Gersten, R.; Gutkin, J. 1983 Project Follow Through
123 Direct Instruction: An academic improvement study L., Thal 1996 Project Follow Through
124 Direct Instruction: An effective approach to educational intervention with the disadvantaged and low performers Becker, W.; Carnine, D. 1980 Project Follow Through
125 Direct Instruction: Effects on Oral and Written Language Comprehension Lloyd, J.; Cullinan, D.; Heins, E.; Epstein, M. 1980 Project Follow Through

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