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# Title Authors Year Research areas
Results 101 - 125 of 399
101 DI outcomes with middle-class second graders Engelmann, S.; Carnine, D. 1982 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects
102 Diagramming a Logic Strategy: Effects on Difficult Problem Types and Transfer Grossen, B.; Carnine, D. 1990 Secondary Reading
103 DIBELS scores advance to grade level with Reading Mastery SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Elementary Reading
104 Differences between a Direct Instruction reading approach and a balanced reading approach among elementary school students McGahey, J. 2002 Elementary Reading
105 Direct Instruction for teaching “hard to teach” students Mathes, P.G.; Proctor, T.J. 1988 Project Follow Through, Elementary Multiple Subjects
106 Direct Instruction helps Milwaukee schools increase reading scores SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Elementary Reading
107 Direct Instruction helps Native American school change course, improve reading SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2007 Secondary Reading
108 Direct Instruction in Critical Reading Skills Patching, W.; Kameenui, E.; Carnine, D. 1983 Elementary Reading
109 Direct Instruction in kindergarten part 2: Research findings Carnine, D.; Carnine, L.; Karp, J.; Weisberg, P. 1988 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Language, Project Follow Through, Spelling, Kindergarten
110 Direct Instruction in spelling increases gain in spelling and reading skills Lum, T.; Morton, L. L. 1984 Spelling
111 Direct Instruction in the Guam Public Schools: An Analysis of Changes in Stanford Achievement Test Scores Stockard, J. 2013 Elementary Reading
112 Direct Instruction in the preschool Weisberg, P. 1988 Elementary Reading
113 Direct Instruction of decoding skills: Effects on fluency rate of two learning disabled students R., Ruchti K. 2005 Secondary Reading, Secondary Math
114 Direct instruction of decoding skills: Effects on fluency rate of two learning disabled students Ruchti, K. R. 2005 Secondary Reading
115 Direct Instruction Reading Mastery: A small scale study focused on male students with specific learning disabilities: Does It Really Work? Banta, K. 2002 Secondary Reading
116 Direct Instruction reading with average first-graders Snider, V. 1990 Elementary Reading
117 Direct Instruction reading: Effects of the Reading Master Plus – Level K curriculum on preschool children with developmental delays Zayac, R. 2008 Preschool
118 Direct Instruction reduces special education referrals in Louisiana school district by half SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2008 Elementary Reading
119 Direct Instruction Research: The Third Decade Gersten, R.; Carnine, D.; Woodward, J. 1987 Project Follow Through, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Implementation
120 Direct Instruction to accelerate cognitive growth Carnine, D.; Grossen, B.; Silbert, J. 1992 Project Follow Through
121 Direct Instruction with Special Education Students: A Review of Evaluation Research Gersten, R. 1985 Elementary Reading, Elementary Mathematics, Secondary Reading, Secondary Math, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects, Secondary Multiple Subjects, Kindergarten, English as a Second Language
122 Direct Instruction: A Project Follow Through Success Story in an Inner-City School Meyer, L.; Gersten, R.; Gutkin, J. 1983 Project Follow Through
123 Direct Instruction: An academic improvement study L., Thal 1996 Elementary Mathematics, Behavior Management
124 Direct Instruction: An effective approach to educational intervention with the disadvantaged and low performers Becker, W.; Carnine, D. 1980 Project Follow Through
125 Direct Instruction: Effects on Oral and Written Language Comprehension Lloyd, J.; Cullinan, D.; Heins, E.; Epstein, M. 1980 Elementary Reading, Language, Elementary Multiple Subjects

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