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176 Entry IQ and yearly academic growth of children in Direct Instruction programs: A longitudinal study of low SES children Gersten, R.; Becker, W.; Heiry, T.; White, W. 1984 Project Follow Through
177 Eshelman Avenue Elementary, Lomita, CA SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
178 Evaluating a mathematics program for adoption: Connecting Math Concepts Wellington, J. 1994 Project Follow Through
179 Evaluating curriculum design in the context of active teaching Moore, L.; Carnine, D. 1989 Project Follow Through
180 Evaluating the promise of computer-based reading interventions with students with reading difficulties Pindiprolu, S. S.; Forbush, D. 2009 Project Follow Through
181 Evaluation of a program of systematic instructional procedures for extremely poor retarded children Haring, N.; Krug, D. 1975 Project Follow Through
182 Evaluation of Broward County Alliance of Quality Schools Project Ligas, M. 2002 Project Follow Through
183 Evaluation of DISTAR materials in three junior learning assistance classes Guinet, L. 1971 Project Follow Through
184 Evaluation of DISTAR programs in learning assistance classes of Vancouver, 1971-72 Moodie, A. G.; Hoen, R. 1972 Project Follow Through
185 Evaluation of the Williamsburg County Direct Instruction Program: Factors Leading to Success in Rural Elementary Programs Darch, C.; Gersten, R.; Taylor, R. 1987 Project Follow Through
186 Examining the core: Relations among reading curricula, poverty, and first through third grade reading achievement Crowe, E.C.; Connor, C.M.; Petscher, Y. 2009 Project Follow Through
187 Examining the What Works Clearinghouse and Its Reviews of Direct Instruction Programs Stockard, J. 2013 Project Follow Through
188 Exceptional education and regular education students excel with Direct Instruction SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Project Follow Through
189 Exploring barriers to the role of Corrective Reading in systematic school reform: Implications of a three-part investigation Vitale, M.; Kaniuka, T. S. 2009 Project Follow Through
190 Extensive Reading Interventions in Grades K-3: From Research to Practice Scammacca, N.; Vaughn, S.; Roberts, G.; Wanzek, J.; Torgesen, J. K. 2007 Project Follow Through
191 Findings from the Follow Through planned variation study Kennedy, M. 1978 Project Follow Through
192 First year report on a jr. high LD class Arthur, C. 1986 Project Follow Through
193 Florida elementary students master reading in preparation for junior high SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2005 Project Follow Through
194 Florida school moves from D grade to A with Reading Mastery SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Project Follow Through
195 Follow Through revisited: Reflections on the site variability issue Gersten, R. 1984 Project Follow Through
196 Follow-up of children from academic and cognitive preschool curricula at age 9 Mills, P.; Dale, P.; Cole, K.; Jenkins, J. 1995 Project Follow Through
197 Formulating Secondary-Level Reading Interventions Kamps, D.; Greenwood, C. 2005 Project Follow Through
198 Fostering the Development of Reading Skill Through Supplemental Instruction: Results for Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Students Gunn, B.; Smolkowski, K.; Biglan, A.; Black, C.; Blair, J. 2005 Project Follow Through
199 Four Preschool Programs: Their Dimensions and Effects Miller, L. B.; Dyer, J. L. 1975 Project Follow Through
200 Fourth Graders’ Growth in Reading Comprehension and Fluency: A Pretest-Posttest Randomized Control Study Comparing Reading Mastery and Scott Foresman Basal Reading Program Stockard, J. 2010 Project Follow Through

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