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Results 201 - 225 of 402
201 Impact of improving student academic achievement on teachers' instructional expectations and decision-making: Implications for the school reform process Kaniuka, T. S. 1997 Project Follow Through
202 Impediments to Scaling Up Effective Comprehensive School Reform Models Engelmann, S.; Engelmann, K. 2004 Project Follow Through
203 Implementing Corrective Reading: Coaching issues Hummel, J.; Wiley, L.; Huitt, W.; Roesch, M.; Richardson, J. 2002 Project Follow Through
204 Implementing research-based reading programs in the Fort Worth Independent School District O'Brien, D.; Ware, A. 2002 Project Follow Through
205 Implications of utilizing a phonics-based reading curriculum with children who are deaf or hard of hearing Trezek, B.; Wang, Y. 2006 Project Follow Through
206 Improving the generalization of sound/symbol knowledge: Teaching spelling to kindergarten children with disabilities O’Connor, R. E.; Jenkins, J. R. 1995 Project Follow Through
207 Improving the generalization of sound/symbol knowledge: Teaching spelling to kindergarten children with disabilities O’Connor, R. E.; Jenkins, J. 1995 Project Follow Through
208 Increasing reading skills in rural districts: A case study of three schools Stockard, J. 2011 Project Follow Through
209 Increasing the reading achievement of at-risk children through Direct Instruction: Evaluation of the Rodeo Institute for Teacher Excellence (RITE) Carlson, C.; Francis, D. 2002 Project Follow Through
210 Instruction, development, and achievement of struggling primary grade readers Rightmyer, E. C.; McIntyre, E.; Petrosko, J.P. 2006 Project Follow Through
211 Intensifying Reading Instruction for Students Within a Three-Tier Model: Standard-Protocol and Problem Solving Approaches within a Response-to-Intervention (RTI) System Marchand-Martella, N.; Ruby, S. F.; Martella, R. 2007 Project Follow Through
212 Interaction between early intervention curricula and student characteristics Cole, K.; Dale, P.; Mills, P.; Jenkins, J. 1993 Project Follow Through
213 Interventions for reading difficulties: A comparison of response to intervention by ELL and EFL struggling readers Lovett, M.; Palma, M.; Frijters, J.; Steinbach, K.; Temple, M.; Benson, N.; Lacerenza, L. 2008 Project Follow Through
214 Is DI only for low achievers? Schaefer, E. 1986 Project Follow Through
215 Language abilities and progress in a Direct Instruction reading program for students with learning disabilities Kuder, S. 1991 Project Follow Through
216 Language and literacy in a developmental perspective Dale, P.; Crain-Thoreson, C. 1999 Project Follow Through
217 Language for Writing program evaluation Martella, R.; Waldron-Soler, K. 2005 Project Follow Through
218 Language instruction, background, and development of disadvantaged kindergarten children Sassenrath, J. M.; Maddux, R. E. 1974 Project Follow Through
219 Language Training for TMR Children: Third-Year Results and Comparison with First Two Years: The Peabody, Distar and ITPA Programs Proger, B.; Leiss, R. 1976 Project Follow Through
220 Lebanon School District, Lebanon Pennsylvania SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
221 Leroy F. Greene Middle School, Sacramento, California SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2003 Project Follow Through
222 Lessons from Project Follow Through (1967-1977) for the Northern Ireland Curriculum Kitchen, W. 2019 Project Follow Through
223 Long-Term Academic Effects of the Direct Instruction Project Follow Through Meyer, L. 1984 Project Follow Through
224 Long-Term Benefits from Direct Instruction Gersten, R.; Keating, T. 1987 Project Follow Through
225 Long-term effects of four preschool programs: Ninth and Tenth Results Miller, L. B.; Bizzell, R. P. 1984 Project Follow Through

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