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26 A Token Reinforcement Program in a Public School: A Replication and Systematic Analysis O'Leary, K.; Becker, W.; Evans, M.; Saudargas, R. 1969 Project Follow Through
27 Academic Kindergarten and Later Academic Success: The Impact of Direct Instruction Engelmann, K.; Stockard, J. 2008 Project Follow Through
28 Accelerating cognitive growth: The Edison School math project Vreeland, M.; Vail, J.; Bradley, L.; Cipriano, K.; Green, C.; Henshaw, P.; Hurth, E. 1994 Project Follow Through
29 Accelerating spelling skills using morphographs Maggs, A.; McMillan, K.; Patching, W.; Hawke, H. 1981 Project Follow Through
30 Accelerating the development of down’s syndrome infants and young children Clunies-Ross, G. 1979 Project Follow Through
31 Accountability for Reading and Readers: What the Numbers Don’t Tell Wilson, P.; Martens, P.; Arya, P. 2005 Project Follow Through
32 Achievement Outcomes in Baltimore City Schools Butler, P. A. 2003 Project Follow Through
33 An analysis of phonological awareness instruction in four kindergarten basal reading programs Smith, S.; Simmons, D.; Gleason, M.; Kameenui, E.; Baker, S.; Sprick, M.; Gunn, B.; Thomas, C.; Chard, D.; Plasencia-Peinado, J.; Peinado, R. 2001 Project Follow Through
34 An analysis of the Reading Mastery program: Effective components and research review Schieffer, C.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Simonsen, F.; Waldron-Soler, K. 2002 Project Follow Through
35 An evaluation of a level-one instructional videodisc program Hasselbring, T.; Sherwood, R.; Bransford, J.; Fleenor, K.; Griffith, D.; Goin, L. 1988 Project Follow Through
36 An evaluation of a pilot program in reading for culturally disadvantaged first grade students Bowers, W. 1972 Project Follow Through
37 An evaluation of ESEA Title I Programs, Community School District 15 Kastner, S.; Hollingshead, M. 1973 Project Follow Through
38 An Evaluation of Four Reading Programs in an Urban Community--Cureton Action Reading, Distar, Lippincott Basic Reading, and MacMillan Series R McGlotten, E. S. 1982 Project Follow Through
39 An evaluation of the DISTAR Language I Program at Seymour Elementary School Moodie, A. G. 1973 Project Follow Through
40 An evaluation of the ESEA Title I and State Urban Programs: Community School District, New York City Board of Education. Final report Griffith, A. 1974 Project Follow Through
41 An evaluation of the Mastering Fractions level-one videodisc program Hasselbring, T.; Sherwood, B.; Bransford, J. 1986 Project Follow Through
42 An evaluation of two methods for teaching United States history to students with learning disabilities Winchester, K.; Darch, C.; Eaves, R.; Shippen, M.; Ern, G.; Bell, B. 2009 Project Follow Through
43 An evaluative study: Teaching three and four-year olds in a structured education program Anderson, B. E. 1971 Project Follow Through
44 An Exploratory Evaluation of Dynamic Assessment and the Role of Basals on Comprehension of Mathematical Operations Jitendra, A. K.; Kameenui, E.; Carnine, D. 1994 Project Follow Through
45 An Inquiry Into Children’s Reading in One Urban School Using SRA Reading Mastery (Direct Instruction) Wiltz, N.; Wilson, G. P. 2006 Project Follow Through
46 Analysis of achievement data on six cohorts of low-income children from 20 school districts in the University of Oregon Direct Instruction Follow Through model Becker, W.; Engelmann, S. 1978 Project Follow Through
47 Analysis of achievement data on six cohorts of low-income children from 20 school districts in the University of Oregon Direct Instruction Follow Through model Becker, W.; Engelmann, S. 1976 Project Follow Through
48 Analysis of an early childhood learning program in Granite School District, Salt Lake City, Utah Leiter, W. H. 1971 Project Follow Through
49 Approaches to solving math problems Darch, C. 1982 Project Follow Through
50 Assessing the effects of Corrective Reading Decoding B1 with a high school student with intellectual and developmental disabilities: A case study Peterson, J. L.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R. 2008 Project Follow Through

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