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# Title Authors Year Research areas
Results 326 - 350 of 399
326 The effectiveness of Direct Instruction versus traditional basal reading instruction as it pertains to at-risk youth DiChiara, L. E. 2000 Elementary Reading
327 The effectiveness of in-class instructive feedback versus after-class instructive feedback for teachers learning Direct Instruction teaching behaviors Coulter, G.; Grossen, B. 1997 Elementary Reading
328 The effectiveness of the Corrective Reading program with middle school remedial readers McMahon, K. S. 2002 Elementary Reading
329 The effectiveness of the Reading Mastery Reading program when teaching learning support students how to read Lutz, A. R. 2004 Elementary Reading
330 The effectiveness of the Reasoning and Writing program with participants with specific learning disabilities Roberts, C. 1997 Writing
331 The effectiveness of the SRA Corrective Reading curriculum in increasing reading level achievement of eighth grade students at Eagles' Landing Middle School Kelso, P. F. H. 2002 Secondary Reading
332 The Effectiveness of Videodisc Instruction in Teaching Fractions to Learning-Disabled and Remedial High School Students Kelly, B.; Carnine, D.; Gersten, R.; Grossen, B. 1986 Secondary Math
333 The effects of a Corrective Reading program in a middle school Pfender, R. A. 2007 Secondary Reading
334 The effects of a Direct Instruction program on the fraction performance of middle school students at-risk for failure in mathematics Flores, M.; Kaylor, M. 2007 Secondary Math
335 The effects of a direct phonic approach in teaching reading with six moderately retarded children: Acquisition and mastery learning stages Bracey, S.; Maggs, A.; Morath, P. 1975 Elementary Reading
336 The effects of a first day and second day reads on reading accuracy with Reading Mastery III Textbook B for a fifth grade student with learning disabilities Fitzpatrick, E.; McLaughlin, T.; Weber, K. 2004 Elementary Reading
337 The effects of a first grade phonological awareness intervention in reducing special education referrals Brumbley, S. A. 1998 Elementary Reading
338 The effects of a precision teaching/Direct Instruction reading program on the reading achievement of elementary school students Rothenbusch, T. 1999 Elementary Reading, Secondary Reading
339 The effects of an additional timed reading on reading rate Sulgrove, M. K.; McLaughlin, T. 2004 Elementary Reading
340 The effects of combining repeated reading with Reading Mastery on first graders’ oral reading fluency Nanda, A. O.; Fredrick, L. 2007 Elementary Reading
341 The effects of comprehensive school reform models in reading for urban middle school students with disabilities Shippen, M.; Houchins, D.; Calhoon, M.; Furlow, C.; Sartor, D. 2006 Secondary Reading
342 The effects of direct instruction with rural remedial education students: A brief report Kaiser, S.; Palumbo, K.; Bialozor, R.; McLaughlin, T. 1989 Elementary Reading
343 The effects of Reading Mastery for students with learning disabilities Herb, M. H. 2005 Elementary Reading
344 The effects of Reading Mastery I and II on the reading achievement of first and second grade students identified as having low phonological awareness skills Ocokoljich, E.D. 1997 Elementary Reading
345 The effects of Reading Mastery Plus on the beginning reading skills of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities Riepl, J.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R. 2008 Elementary Reading
346 The effects of repeated readings on student performance in the Corrective Reading program Steventon, C.; Fredrick, L. 2003 Secondary Reading
347 The effects of structured instruction on kindergarten pupils: Final report Singer, B. 1973 Elementary Reading, Language
348 The effects of the Corrective Reading Decoding program on the basic reading skills and social adjustment of students with high-incidence disabilities Benner, G.; Kinder, D.; Beaudoin, K.; Stein, M.; Hirschmann, K. 2005 Secondary Reading
349 The effects of the Funnix beginning reading program on the reading skills of preschoolers Parlange, L. A. 2004 Elementary Reading
350 The effects of the intensity of phonological awareness instruction on the acquisition of literacy skills League, M. 2001 Elementary Reading

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