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351 The effects of the Funnix beginning reading program on the reading skills of preschoolers Parlange, L. A. 2004 Project Follow Through
352 The effects of the intensity of phonological awareness instruction on the acquisition of literacy skills League, M. 2001 Project Follow Through
353 The Effects of the Language Arts Strand of the Reading Mastery Signature Series on the Reading and Language Skills of English Language Learners Ralston, N.; Benner, G.; Nelson, J.; Caniglia, C. 2009 Project Follow Through
354 The effects of the Language for Learning program on the receptive language skills of kindergarten children Benner, G.; Trout, A.; Nordness, P.; Nelson, J.; Epstein, M.; Knobel, M.; Epstein, A.; Maguire, K.; Birdsell, R. 2002 Project Follow Through
355 The effects of using Direct Instruction and a re-reading contingency with a high school student Gregory, A.; McLaughlin, T.; Weber, K. 2005 Project Follow Through
356 The effects of using the Reading Mastery Direct Instruction program with average and above-average kindergarteners: A pilot study Johnson, S. 1985 Project Follow Through
357 The efficacy of supplemental instruction in decoding skills for Hispanic and non-Hispanic students in early elementary school Gunn, B.; Biglan, A.; Smolkowski, K.; Ary, D. 2000 Project Follow Through
358 The Efficacy of the SRA Reading Program for Disabled Learners as Measured by the Terra Nova Achievement Test Earheart, L. S. 2002 Project Follow Through
359 The efficacy of utilizing a phonics treatment package with middle school deaf and hard-of-hearing students Trezek, B.; Malmgren, K. 2005 Project Follow Through
360 The follow up of Follow Through students in high schools White, W.; Gersten, R. 1983 Project Follow Through
361 The impact of a structured reading curriculum and repeated reading on the performance of junior high students with emotional and behavioral disorders Strong, A.; Wehby, J.; Falk, K.; Lane, K. 2004 Project Follow Through
362 The Impact of Administrative Decisions on Implementation Fidelity of Direct Instruction and Student Achievement Stockard, J. 2019 Project Follow Through
363 The impact of an intensive program to increase the literacy skills of youth confined to juvenile corrections Drakeford, W. 2002 Project Follow Through
364 The impact of Direct Instruction on elementary students’ reading achievement in an urban school district Mac Iver, M. A.; Kemper, E. 2002 Project Follow Through
365 The impact of instructional methodology on student achievement of black males based on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test Hicks, D. 2006 Project Follow Through
366 The impact of Reading Mastery in kindergarten on reading achievement through the primary grades: A cohort control group design Stockard, J. 2010 Project Follow Through
367 The implementation of Direct Instruction: A model for school reform Bessellieu, F. B. 1999 Project Follow Through
368 The implementation of Direct Instruction: A model for school reform Bessellieu, F. B. 1999 Project Follow Through
369 The later effects of Direct Instruction Follow Through: Preliminary findings Gersten, R.; Carnine, D. 1983 Project Follow Through
370 The Monterey DI program for students with limited English (ESL) Gersten, R.; Brockway, M. A.; Henares, N. 1983 Project Follow Through
371 The multiple effects of whole language, precision teaching and Direct Instruction on first-grade story-reading Neely, M. D. 1995 Project Follow Through
372 The relative impact of remedial reading instruction on the basic reading skills of students with emotional disturbance and learning disabilities Benner, G. 2007 Project Follow Through
373 The research base and validation of SRA’s Corrective Reading program Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Przychodzin-Havis, A. 0 Project Follow Through
374 The singer or the song Branwhite, A. 1982 Project Follow Through
375 The Third Wave Project: Report of a project to investigate effective ‘Third Wave’ intervention strategies for students with learning difficulties who are in mainstream schools in years 4, 5 and 6 K., Rowe; K., Stephanou; K., Hoad 2007 Project Follow Through

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