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376 The Two-Year Evaluation of the Three-Year Direct Instruction Program in an Urban Public School System Yu, L.; Rachor, R. 2000 Project Follow Through
377 The use of Corrective Reading (SRA) with mildly handicapped students Polloway, E.; Epstein, M. 1986 Project Follow Through
378 The What Works Clearinghouse Beginning Reading Reports and Rating of Reading Mastery: An Evaluation and Comment Stockard, J. 2008 Project Follow Through
379 The WWC Review Process: An Analysis of Errors in Two Recent Reports Stockard, J.; Wood, T. W. 2013 Project Follow Through
380 Thirty years of NICHD research: What we now know about how children learn to read for the Future of Teaching and Learning, Center 1996 Project Follow Through
381 Three-tier models of reading and behavior: A research review Stewart, R. M.; Benner, G.; Martella, R.; Marchand-Martella, N. 2007 Project Follow Through
382 Tulsa Students Score Record Highs in Reading SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
383 Two Approaches to Reading Instruction with Children with Disabilities: Does Program Design Make a Difference? O'Connor, R. E.; Jenkins, J.; Cole, K.; Mills, P. 1993 Project Follow Through
384 Two approaches to the development phase of mathematics instruction Kameenui, E.; Carnine, D.; Darch, C.; Stein, M. 1986 Project Follow Through
385 Two Approaches to Vocabulary Instruction: The Teaching of Individual Word Meanings and Practice in Deriving Word Meaning from Context Jenkins, J.; Matlock, B.; Slocum, T. 1989 Project Follow Through
386 Use of precorrection strategies to enhance reading performance of students with learning and behavior problems Miao, Y.; Darch, C.; Rabren, K. 2002 Project Follow Through
387 Using Corrective Reading with adults Herr, C. M. 1989 Project Follow Through
388 Using DI in a Victoria, B. C. Resource Room Chamberlain, L. A. 1987 Project Follow Through
389 Using DI to teach computer programming to retarded institutionalized adolescents Berryman, D.; Maggs, A. 1983 Project Follow Through
390 Using DISTAR Language in a unit for children with language disorders Gregory, P.; Richards, C.; Hadley, M. 1982 Project Follow Through
391 Using DISTAR Language in a unit for children with language disorders Gregory, P.; Richards, C.; Hadley, M. 1982 Project Follow Through
392 Using paraprofessionals to deliver Direct Instruction reading programs Keel, M.; Fredrick, L.; Hughes, T. A.; Owens, S. 1999 Project Follow Through
393 Using Precision Teaching with Direct Instruction in a Summer School Program Kubina Jr., R. M.; Commons, M. L.; Heckard, B. 2009 Project Follow Through
394 Using Reasoning and Writing to teach writing skills to students with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders Anderson, D; Keel, M. 2002 Project Follow Through
395 Using Reasoning and Writing with gifted fifth grade students Ginn, P.; Keel, M.; Fredrick, L. 2002 Project Follow Through
396 Using school reform models to improve reading achievement: A longitudinal study of Direct Instruction and Success For All in an urban district Ross, S.; Nunnery, J.; Goldfeder, E.; McDonald, A.; Rachor, R.; Fleischman, S. 2004 Project Follow Through
397 Using systematic instruction to teach decoding skills to middle school students with moderate intellectual disabilities Bradford, S.; Alberto, P.; Houchins, D.; Shippen, M.; Flores, M. 2006 Project Follow Through
398 Using videodisc instruction in an elementary science methods course: Remediating science knowledge deficiencies and facilitating science teaching Vitale, M.; Romance, N. 1992 Project Follow Through
399 Videodisc instruction: Teaching fractions to learning handicapped and remedial students Kelly, B.; Carnine, D.; Gersten, R.; Grossen, B. 1986 Project Follow Through
400 Wake County Public School System, Raleigh, North Carolina SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2003 Project Follow Through

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