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51 At risk students (Lee County, Alabama) SRA/McGraw-Hill, 1998 Project Follow Through
52 Barren County elementary schools post highest reading scores ever SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
53 Basic Model Project, Longwood University, Farmville Virginia SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2003 Project Follow Through
54 Beginning reading instruction for children with minimal brain dysfunction Stein, C.; Goldman, J. 1980 Project Follow Through
55 Belmont community school, Worcester, Massachusetts community school, Belmont 1991 Project Follow Through
56 Beyond fiction: Reading for content – John Fenwick school fiction Reading for content – John Fenwick school, Beyond 1991 Project Follow Through
57 Boosting reading skills by direct instruction Branwhite, A. 1983 Project Follow Through
58 Brief Report on Performance of Students Whose First Language is Spanish: Direct Instruction and a Comparison School Slocum, T. 2000 Project Follow Through
59 Brief report – Connecting Math Concepts in special education Helmke, L. 1992 Project Follow Through
60 Building on the best, learning from what works: Seven promising reading and language arts programs of Teachers, American Federation 1998 Project Follow Through
61 Camden, New Jersey Direct Instruction project Brent, G.; DiObilda, N. 1984 Project Follow Through
62 Changes in Reading Achievement at a Florida Elementary School: A Randomized Control Study of Reading Mastery Stockard, J. 2011 Project Follow Through
63 Changing reading programs: North Thurston’s gradual move toward Reading Mastery Woodward, J. 1987 Project Follow Through
64 Chapter 1 clinical and guidance program 1985-1986: OEA evaluation report Guerrero, F.; Walker, S.; Langlois, C. 1987 Project Follow Through
65 Chapter 1 clinical and guidance program 1988-89: Evaluation section report of Education, New York City Board 1990 Project Follow Through
66 City Springs Elementary School, Baltimore, Maryland SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2002 Project Follow Through
67 Classroom observations and effects of reading interventions for students at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders Wills, H.; Kamps, D.; Abbott, M.; Bannister, H.; Kaufman, J. 2010 Project Follow Through
68 Cleveland school keeps Reading Mastery as curriculum core SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Project Follow Through
69 Closing the achievement gap: The implementation of Direct Instruction in Whiteville City Schools Frink-Lawrence, V. 2003 Project Follow Through
70 Cognitive structures related to the principle of conservation Engelmann, S. 1967 Project Follow Through
71 Colonial High School: Orlando, Florida SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2003 Project Follow Through
72 Comparative DISTAR results from five South Afrikaans school van Rensburg, C. 1982 Project Follow Through
73 Comparative effectiveness of four methods of instruction on the achievement of children with specific learning disabilities Serwer, B. L.; Shapiro, B. J.; Shapiro, P. P. 1973 Project Follow Through
74 Comparing a literature-based and skills-based approach for elementary pupils of limited reading proficiency Froelich, K. S. 1992 Project Follow Through
75 Comparing the Efficacy of SRA Reading Mastery and Guided Reading on Reading Achievement in Struggling Readers Green, A. K. 2010 Project Follow Through

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