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1 A comparative analysis of the Reading Mastery and Silver Burdett reading programs for elementary students Herrington, M. S. 1999 Project Follow Through
2 A comparison of curriculum-specified reading checkout timings and daily 1-minute timing on student performance in Reading Mastery Frankhauser, M.; Tso, M.; Martella, R. 2001 Project Follow Through
3 A comparison of high- and low- frequency criteria on reading agility, retention, endurance and Direct Instruction Reading Mastery checkout performance of elementary students academically at risk Morgenstern, B. D. 2002 Project Follow Through
4 A comparison of reading achievement made by LD and low IQ students using a Direct Instruction reading program Sprinkman, A. 2001 Project Follow Through
5 A research-based reading approach for severely emotionally disturbed children Funderburk, S. F. 2005 Project Follow Through
6 A study of the impact of Direct Instruction on Jefferson County Public Schools' Reading Curriculum Buschemeyer, S. R. Q. 2005 Project Follow Through
7 A study of the implementation of a Direct Instruction reading program and its effects on the reading achievement of low socioeconomic students in an urban public school Goldman, B. 2000 Project Follow Through
8 Academic Kindergarten and Later Academic Success: The Impact of Direct Instruction Engelmann, K.; Stockard, J. 2008 Project Follow Through
9 Accountability for Reading and Readers: What the Numbers Don’t Tell Wilson, P.; Martens, P.; Arya, P. 2005 Project Follow Through
10 An analysis of the Reading Mastery program: Effective components and research review Schieffer, C.; Marchand-Martella, N.; Martella, R.; Simonsen, F.; Waldron-Soler, K. 2002 Project Follow Through
11 An Inquiry Into Children’s Reading in One Urban School Using SRA Reading Mastery (Direct Instruction) Wiltz, N.; Wilson, G. P. 2006 Project Follow Through
12 Analysis of achievement data on six cohorts of low-income children from 20 school districts in the University of Oregon Direct Instruction Follow Through model Becker, W.; Engelmann, S. 1978 Project Follow Through
13 Analysis of achievement data on six cohorts of low-income children from 20 school districts in the University of Oregon Direct Instruction Follow Through model Becker, W.; Engelmann, S. 1976 Project Follow Through
14 Barren County elementary schools post highest reading scores ever SRA/McGraw-Hill, 0 Project Follow Through
15 Belmont community school, Worcester, Massachusetts community school, Belmont 1991 Project Follow Through
16 Beyond fiction: Reading for content – John Fenwick school fiction Reading for content – John Fenwick school, Beyond 1991 Project Follow Through
17 Brief Report on Performance of Students Whose First Language is Spanish: Direct Instruction and a Comparison School Slocum, T. 2000 Project Follow Through
18 Camden, New Jersey Direct Instruction project Brent, G.; DiObilda, N. 1984 Project Follow Through
19 Changes in Reading Achievement at a Florida Elementary School: A Randomized Control Study of Reading Mastery Stockard, J. 2011 Project Follow Through
20 Changing reading programs: North Thurston’s gradual move toward Reading Mastery Woodward, J. 1987 Project Follow Through
21 City Springs Elementary School, Baltimore, Maryland SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2002 Project Follow Through
22 Classroom observations and effects of reading interventions for students at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders Wills, H.; Kamps, D.; Abbott, M.; Bannister, H.; Kaufman, J. 2010 Project Follow Through
23 Cleveland school keeps Reading Mastery as curriculum core SRA/McGraw-Hill, 2006 Project Follow Through
24 Closing the achievement gap: The implementation of Direct Instruction in Whiteville City Schools Frink-Lawrence, V. 2003 Project Follow Through
25 Comparing the Efficacy of SRA Reading Mastery and Guided Reading on Reading Achievement in Struggling Readers Green, A. K. 2010 Project Follow Through

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