Membership Overview

As the premier provider of DI information and training, NIFDI has added a membership feature to serve DI users. Members will enjoy the following benefits:

Regular Membership ($50)

Student Membership ($30)

Institutional Membership ($250)


MembersOnlyMembers of NIFDI have exclusive access to several print and video resources such as a 5-part video sequence where Zig Engelmann gives us his take on topics such as individual learning styles, the role of rote teaching, individualizing instruction and more. There is also an excellent interview with Jean Osborn and Elaine “Cookie” Bruner, co-authors of Reading Mastery and Language for Learning, on the early days of Direct Instruction development and the Bereiter-Engelmann Preschool. 

In the Members Only document section, there are several useful forms as well as suggestions for independent work, details on how to implement duet reading, assessment guidelines for students placing in Corrective Reading and other interesting, useful material related to Direct Instruction.

Once you have registered as a Member of NIFDI, and logged into the website, you can access the Members Only sections under the Resources tab at the top right of the page.


To enroll, sign-up online or pdf Download the NIFDI Membership Registration Form  and return it to NIFDI at:

National Institute for Direct Instruction
Attn: Membership Services
PO Box 11248
Eugene, OR 97440

Questions? Call Bryan Wickman at 877.485.1973 or email