SRA 2Inform Administrator Access Now Available!

SRA 2Inform is an online application available through McGraw-Hill that allows teachers to easily collect student data and monitor progress to inform instruction. This online system stores data on curriculum-embedded assessments from nine of the Direct Instruction programs including Reading Mastery Signature Edition, Corrective Reading, Connecting Math Concepts, and Essentials for Algebra.  

Recent improvements include the ability for administrators to instantly access reports to measure and track student progress. Coaches and principals can view teacher, group, and individual student data. With the school-level view, users can aggregate data across instructional groups. District administrators can also aggregate group data across all schools. 

Users can print, view, and save various reports that can be used to help improve the quality of the DI implementation. Administrators can use the information to:

To learn more, visit the SRA 2Inform website or contact your McGraw-Hill representative.