Kurt DIBookCongratulations to NIFDI President Kurt Engelmann on publishing his book, Direct Instruction–A Practitioner’s Handbook. This extensive text is divided into three sections. The first section, What is Direct Instruction?, gives an overview of DI with an excellent discussion of the differences and similarities between upper-case DI, lower-case di, and explicit instruction. Section 2, How to Implement Direct Instruction, presents the reader with a step-by-step guide on the details that go into a successful implementation. The final section addresses pitfalls to avoid when implementing DI.

In his review, Educational Psychologist Nazam Hussain states, “This is an accessible book for anyone who is interested in finding out about the theory, implementation, and day-to-day monitoring of DI programs. Myths about DI are addressed throughout the book, and specific discrete issues are explored in various standalone ‘topic brief’ sections. I recommend this book to those who like and know little about DI as well as to those who have never heard of or initially struggle with DI.”

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