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Zig Videos

The History of DI

    Siegfried Engelmann Teaching His 4 Year Old Twin Sons                                  Siegfried "Zig" Engelmann: A Biography
    Preschool Students Demonstrate Exceptional Math Skills              21st Century with Walter Cronkite (DI segment begins at 9:45)

Interview with Geoff Colvin

Conversation with Siegfried Zig Engelmann (2008) from Zig Engelmann on Vimeo.

Annual National DI Conference Opening Keynotes

       42nd Annual National DI Conference Opening Keynote                       41st Annual National DI Conference Opening Keynote
       40th Annual National DI Conference Opening Keynote                       39th Annual National DI Conference Opening Keynote

Video Resources

Preschool Students Demonstrate Exceptional Math Skills - Video Guide
Direct Instruction got its start at the University of Illinois when Siegfried "Zig" Engelmann -- creator of Direct Instruction and Senior Author of the DI programs -- debuted DI, teaching at-risk preschoolers at the Institute for Research on Exceptional Children. Students in the preschool learned remarkable skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, basic algebra, fractions and how to solve area problems. These students, some who attended the preschool for two years and others who only attended for one year, are shown demonstrating their skills.

The National Institute for Direct Instruction has developed a guide for the video that is free for download. The guide is designed to help viewers identify (and leaders to facilitate conversations on) key aspects of DI presented in the video, including: the children's knowledge of specific mathematics concepts, rules and processes; the students' ability to solve a wide range of mathematical problems; the self-confidence and independence demonstrated by the students; and, the children's ability to focus their attention for long periods of time. Download the accompanying video guide here.

Find Zig Online!
Zig hosts his own site where you will find videos, recent papers, stories about his life, images of his watercolor paintings and much more!

Zig has also joined Facebook where he shares current watercolor artwork, papers and any other musings he's come up with. "Like" his facebook page and keep up with Zig as he posts new and interesting pieces. Find him at

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