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Bundled Set: Teaching Needy Kids & War Against the Schools' Academic Child Abuse

$42.00 each

This two-book set includes one copy of Teaching Needy Kids in Our Backward System and one copy of War Against the Schools' Academic Child Abuse.

Teaching Needy Kids in Our Backward System
Teaching Needy Kids in Our Backward System documents the often outrageous experiences of a man some consider the most important educator ever, Siegfried (Zig) Engelmann. Through a tapestry of vignettes that start in the 60s and continue through 06, Professor Engelmann describes the battles he has fought to provide effective instruction for at-risk kids, particularly children of poverty.

The most incredible of Engelmann's battles occurred in Project Follow Through, the largest and most definitive educational experiment ever conducted, involving 180 communities and over 200,000 at-risk children in grades kindergarten through 3. To discover which approach was most effective, Follow Through installed and tested 22 models of teaching disadvantaged children, from 1968 to 1977. The models covered the spectrum of approaches that are in schools today, from the discovery-oriented approaches to those based on behavioral principals of reinforcement.

The evaluation measured the children's achievements in reading, math, language, and spelling. The study was also designed to discover which models were superior in teaching basic skills and which excelled in teaching higher order thinking skills, also which models had kids with the strongest sense of personal responsibility and which kids had the highest self images. The results astounded educators and made a mockery of their predictions.

There were not various winners, but only one winner, and that one excelled in every category measured. The winning model was designed by Zig Engelmann and his colleagues - Direct Instruction.

Why haven't you heard about Follow Through, Direct Instruction, or Zig Engelmann? Because Follow Through outcomes were never disseminated, never made public, and never used to influence educational decision making. Why would the Feds spend half a billion to fund Follow Through and never disseminate the results? Read the book and discover the astonishing truths.

Author: Siegfried Engelmann
Copyright: 2007
ISBN: 9781880183007
Format: Hardback


War Against the Schools' Academic Child Abuse
Educational fads come and go in the United States, yet countless numbers of children do not succeed in school. The costs to these children, their families, their communities, and the country are enormous. In this book, Engelmann examines the root of the problem. With painstaking detail, he shows how the fault lies with the educational system and all of its players: educational publishers, boards of education, teacher training institutions, school administrators, and funding agencies.

Professor Siegfried Engelmann has, indeed, declared war upon educational practices that literally constitute child abuse.

In this penetrating examination of our public schools, Professor Engelmann vividly explains how irresponsible practices have contributed to the paralysis of our school systems and injury to countless school children for decades. In an age demanding intellectual proficiency the cost to those children - and our nation - is incalculable.

Read War Against the Schools' Academic Child Abuse and join Professor Engelmann in his campaign to protect the future of our children.

Please note: This book is a reprint of the 1992 edition of War Against the Schools’ Academic Child Abuse, originally published by Halcyon House. NIFDI Press has not edited the text. Consequentially, some organizations may no longer exist and individuals may be deceased.

Author: Siegfried Engelmann
Copyright: 2021
ISBN: 978-1-939851-27-7
Format: Paperback

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