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Thermometer Charts Video In-Service

$40.00 each

Note: This is digital download, not a physical item. After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with a zip file that contains the facilitator and participant print material, as well as a link to the actual video, which you can view online or download to your computer. You will need to be logged into your NIFDI account in order to download the zip file. It is recommended you use a desktop or laptop computer to download and open the zip file.

When students are working independently in the classroom, it is important that they stay engaged with their work and are motivated to do their best. In many classrooms, an adult might not be available to devote his/her attention to independent workers. NIFDI’s Thermometer Chart is an independent work management system that does not require much attention from instructors, yet when implemented correctly, is very reinforcing to the students. The Thermometer Charts Video In-service provides comprehensive instruction on how to implement this positive behavior management system effectively. 

Run Time: 20:30

Total In-service Time: Approximately 25:00

Participant Material:

  • Summary
  • Video Evaluation Form

Facilitator Support Material:

  • Follow-Up Form
  • Facilitator's Feedback Form

The NIFDI video in-services are designed to support school leaders in charge of managing Direct Instruction (DI) implementations. Through the guidance of the videos, participants will view demonstrations and receive information by expert DI trainers. Participants will also practice the skills being taught and receive feedback from the facilitator, who will follow a facilitator’s guide. In addition, these video in-services provide a model for district and building-level coaches, APIs (assistant principals of instruction) or building coordinators on how to sequence examples and focus on critical issues when training, as well as provide activities that promote mastery of the targeted skills. 

Please note: This listing is for individual access. To purchase access for a school, please contact Bryan at bwickman@nifdi.org.
Given the digital nature of this purchase, this product is not eligible for return and/or refund. 

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