Can you:

  • Create an in-service plan designed to improve student performance?
  • Deliver an in-service that will target teacher presentation skills?
  • Determine in-service needs through analyzing data and classroom observations?
  • Design observation tools to assess the effectiveness of an in-service?

If you need help in the areas above, this Direct Instruction Academy will benefit you!

On-going staff development is critical to the success of Direct Instruction implementations. This academy will teach participants to utilize Direct Instruction program data and classroom observation data and information to identify student performance problems.  In addition, participants will determine what teacher behaviors can be changed to elevate student performance.

After the focus of the in-service has been determined, participants will work with an outline that will guide them through development of an effective Direct Instruction in-service.  Providing rationale, demonstrating through use of a Model-Lead-Test format and role play is at the heart of delivery of these in-services.

Attendees will generate an in-service and have the opportunity to practice delivering their training.  Furthermore, they will create an observation tool to assist them in determining the effectiveness of the in-service.


Schedule & Location:

McGraw-Hill Education Headquarters
8787 Orion Place
Columbus, OH 

Certificates of Completion: Each participant in the Direct Instruction Coaching Academy will receive a certificate of participation. This certificate is awarded to those that have completed the 2-day training.

The VenueCambria Suites OH

Cambria Suites - Columbus/Polaris
9100 Lyra Drive
Columbus, OH 
NIFDI has secured a $121.00 per night room rate (full breakfast included). A shuttle to the Academy is available. 

*Please reference NIFDI Coaches Training to receive discounted room rates. Limited space is available. Discounted pricing may not be available after October 15.*


 Have other questions that aren't answered here? Call us at 877.485.1973 or email us at institutes@nifdi.org.

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