Direct Instruction Coaching Institute


Intended Audience: Lead, Mentor, or Master Teachers and Consultants who serve as a staff development resource
Experience Level:

Whether you’re an instructional coach, peer coach, or another administrator responsible for improving student performance, one of the most critical roles in a successful Direct Instruction implementation is the Coach. With good, careful coaching, teachers will become more skilled and proficient in teaching the DI programs, and students will excel with improved instruction.

In an implementation that does not incorporate high-quality coaching, some teachers will become stars, but others may demonstrate little to no improvement, keeping the implementation as a whole from achieving a high level of success. With effective coaching, staff development, and strong leadership, teachers using Direct Instruction will improve dramatically, and students will progress farther and faster than they ever have before.

This Institute will equip building and district-level instructional coaches, peer coaches, lead teachers and mentor teachers with critical coaching and support skills.

Participants will learn how to:

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