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Placement Testing Your Students

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING IF YOU ARE REGISTERING FOR PROGRAM TRAINING:  We strongly recommend that you administer DI placement tests to your students before registering for program training.

Because the DI programs are oriented toward students’ skill proficiency rather than their age or grade level, it is critical that teachers use the level of the DI programs that corresponds to their students’ current skill level. You can determine which level of the program matches your students’ current instructional needs by administering the placement tests contained in all DI programs. 

Test Administration Procedure

You can find the placement tests linked below. Here is the procedure to follow when administering the placement tests:

1. Give students the test that corresponds to their grade level.
2a. If students pass the grade-level test, give them the test for the next-highest level of the DI Program. Continue   
       testing up a level until students don’t pass the test.
2b. If students fail the grade-level test, give them the test for the next lowest level. Continue testing down a level   
       until students pass the test.
3.   Record the highest level that each student passes on a  summary spreadsheet.
4.   Group students into homogenous instructional groupings or consult with your NIFDI Implementation Manager.

Repeat the four steps for each DI subject area.

Placement Tests

For the placement test(s) for a specific program, please see the  "Programs" Folder in the Downloads section of this website or visit the program's homepage (found on the main menu under "The Programs">Subject Area>Program Title) and click on "Placement Tests". Below you will find the placement tests for some of the most commonly used DI programs. Placement tests are courtesy of McGraw-Hill for users of DI programs. All rights reserved.

 Reading Mastery Level K (READING)  Reading Mastery Level K (LANGUAGE)
 Reading Mastery Level 1 (READING)  Reading Mastery Level 1 (LANGUAGE)
 Reading Mastery Level 2 (READING) *No Language Placement Test for Grade 2
 Reading Mastery Level 3 (READING)  Reading Mastery Level 3 (LANGUAGE)
 Reading Mastery Level 4 (READING)  Reading Mastery Level 4 (LANGUAGE)
 Reading Mastery Level 5 (READING)  Reading Mastery Level 5 (LANGUAGE)
 Corrective Reading (COMPREHENSION)  Corrective Reading (DECODING)
 Expressive Writing  
 CMCCE Level A Placement Test  
 CMCCE Level B Placement Test  
 CMCCE Level C Placement Test  
 CMCCE Level D Placement Test  
 CMCCE Level E Placement Test  
 CMCCE Level F Placement Test  
 DISTAR Arithmetic  


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