The National Institute for Direct Instruction is presenting open registration for in-person training in the United Kingdom for the first time!

Plan on attending the UK Direct Instruction Teaching Academy
July 6 & 7, 2023
Heath Lane Academy, Earl Shilton, Leicester

NIFDI has a long history of providing the Gold Standard for training in Direct Instruction programs. Our trainers have trained tens of thousands of educators throughout the world to successfully implement DI.

Location and Registration Information:

Price:       $329 USD (approximately £272 GBP)
Dates:      July 6 & 7, 2023
Time:       8:30 am-4:00 pm each day
Location: Heath Lane Academy, Earl Shilton, Leicester

These trainings are limited to 25 people per session!
Click on the titles below to register, or click here for Corrective Mathematics or click here for Corrective Reading-Decoding

Implementing Corrective Mathematics

Corrective Mathematics is a remedial system that solves a wide range of problems for struggling year 5-year 12 students, even if they have failed with other approaches. Explicit, step-by-step lessons are grouped into separate modules that may be taught separately or concurrently to customize instruction for particular student needs. The program contains modules for addition; subtraction; multiplication; division; basic fractions; fractions, decimals, percents; and ratios and equations. Upon completion of one or more of the modules, students are armed with the basic strategies they need to access conventional math instruction with success.

Corrective Mathematics is typically needed by older students whose math performance is characterized by a weak grasp of the basics, lack of facility with math facts, inaccurate computation, and a lack of strategies for problem-solving. The program is effective for students with poor attention and poor recall of directions or others who meet the criteria to receive special services. With a high success rate, frequent teacher feedback, and built-in opportunities to earn reinforcement throughout each lesson, even students with histories of failure remain motivated and on task as they master fundamental math concepts and skills.

About the Trainer

Tamara Bressi is based in Eugene, Oregon. She spent 13 years in the classroom, teaching special and general education students. In 2003, she began working with NIFDI as an implementation manager. She has been Co-Director of Training Development and Director of Training and is currently an implementation manager and special projects consultant. Tamara is the co-trainer of NIFDI’s trainer-training institute, Becoming an Effective DI Trainer.

Teaching Corrective Reading–Decoding

Corrective Reading provides systematic reading instruction to students performing below grade level expectations in grades four and above. This session provides training focusing on levels A and B1 with some training on levels B2 and C of the series.

Decoding A addresses non-readers by teaching sound-spelling relationships. Students are taught reading strategies for sounding out words and applying those strategies in context.

Decoding B1 and B2 refine word attack skills by introducing new vocabulary and promoting word discrimination. There is a strong emphasis on fluency building as well as comprehension. Practice for rate and accuracy and charting of daily fluency progress are features that help corrective readers catch up with peers.

Decoding C teaches students to apply the skills they have learned in prior 
levels to a broad range of material—textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and other forms of print. Comprehension is emphasized, including skills such as identifying cause and effect, main idea, sequencing, summarizing/retelling, and referencing text for specific factual information.

About the Trainer

Kimberley Flynn is the Direct Instruction Lead for the Midland Academies Trust. Having taught both math and English programs for over six years, Kim was one of the teachers in a one-year Educational Endowment Fund project utilizing Connecting Math Concepts. She has journeyed to Eugene, Oregon, for NIFDI’s National Direct Instruction Conference. She has attended both the Direct Instruction Coaching and Becoming an Effective DI Trainer institutes.

If you are interested in training on other Direct Instruction Programs, send an email to info@nifdi.org

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