While Direct Instruction (DI) is designed for face-to-face, real-time interaction between an instructor and students, it can be used in a distance learning environment.

NIFDI offers a series of webinars and forums to help you help your students experience success with Direct Instruction at the same level they would if you were in the classroom with them. Some of these are free, others will have a fee. The events that have a fee will also include resources that you can use for review as well as to share with others. You can find information about upcoming sessions on our events calendar on the right side of the website. Click here if you would like to join our email list and be notified directly.

Webinars previously offered:  

Delivering An Effective Lesson: Critical Phrasing

Pre-recorded Webinars available for purchase in the NIFDI Store:

Teaching RMSE Language - Levels K and 1 - in the Virtual Classroom 
Teaching RMSE Reading - Levels K and 1 - in the Virtual Classroom - Part 1
Teaching RMSE Reading - Levels K and 1 - in the Virtual Classroom - Part 2
Teaching Corrective Reading - Decoding Level A - in the Virtual Classroom
Teaching Corrective Reading - Decoding Levels B1, B2, and C - in the Virtual Classroom

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Structuring Your School or Classroom for Direct Instruction Distance Learning Success! 
Delivering Direct Instruction in the Virtual Classroom
Parent Involvement, Student Motivation, and Engagement in Direct Instruction Distance Learning


If you are interested in scheduling a customized webinar for your staff, contact Bryan Wickman at bwickman@nifdi.org

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