Intro to DI Video Series

This nine-part introduction is free and covers a range of topics addressing the fundamentals of Direct Instruction. Designed to provide information relevant to individuals new to DI, topics include:

Each video is only about three to five minutes long, providing a succinct introduction to each topic. Users can browse through the videos separately, but we recommend viewing them in the order they appear below.

                            What is Direct Instruction?                                                      What are the Direct Instruction Programs?
          What are the Direct Instruction program components?             How are students assessed in the Direct Instruction program?
 What directions are included in the Teacher Presentation book?                 What is the comprehensive Direct Instruction model?
         What is the research base for Direct Instruction?                                      What training and support are available for
                                                                                                                              schools implementing Direct Instruction?
            How do I get started with Direct Instruction?

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