NIFDI Has a Solution for All of Your Literacy Needs!

Do your students perform below grade level in reading? Have performance gaps in reading increased at your school over the last few years? Or do you want to prevent performance gaps from developing by implementing an approach that has been proven to promote universal literacy to virtually all students with functional expressive and receptive language skills?

What’s the problem?Kids HandsUp

Reading instruction in schools faces multifaceted challenges. Traditional methods rooted in debunked theories, like guessing unknown words or relying on context clues, persist despite evidence from cognitive scientists. The diverse range of student needs and abilities, including young readers who arrive at school without basic readiness skills, further complicates matters, as traditional approaches may not sufficiently cater to individual requirements. Moreover, limited funding often hampers the implementation of effective teaching strategies, exacerbating the issue. But, with limited resources and a wide range of student needs, what can you do?

How do we address it?

Addressing these problems necessitates a comprehensive approach that integrates evidence-based practices that support the diverse needs of students. Research in the science of reading has identified instructional methods that are effective in teaching reading skills to learners at all levels, supporting the cognitive processes involved in reading, including phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Implementing programs that include each of these components and deliver the instruction explicitly to help children learn to read is imperative. 

Is there a curriculum that does this?

We recommend several developmental and remedial Direct Instruction programs that integrate the five essential reading components, accompanied by explicit instruction. Each program is research-based and tailored to provide instruction to every child at their individual skill level, setting these programs apart with a dynamic approach to student placement.

Should students display mastery, they progress to the next lesson seamlessly. Conversely, if in-program data indicates the necessity for skill or content review, specific routines are in place to pinpoint and address these needs before advancing to subsequent lessons. This approach guarantees ongoing reading skill enhancement and mitigates the risk of learning gaps.

Learn how Reading Mastery incorporates the Science of Reading 

Developmental Programs

Reading Mastery Signature Edition (RMSE)*
Reading Mastery Transformations (RMT)* 
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons 

*For both RMSE and RMT there is an accompanying six-level language program that has been proven to be highly effective in helping children build background information as they develop their written and expressive skills.

Remedial Programs

Corrective Reading Decoding
Corrective Reading Comprehension
Expressive Writing

English Language Learners (ELL)/Multilingual Learners (MLL) Programs

Direct Instruction Spoken English (DISE)

Español to English

Language for Learning

Where can I find help to implement this program?

If you’re thinking this sounds complicated and aren’t sure where to start, NIFDI can help. From assisting with testing your students to determine where they should be placed in the program to pre-service training for teachers and staff to data analysis and on-site coaching, NIFDI can provide comprehensive support, ensuring you achieve results.

NIFDI can support a wide range of types of reading at your school, including:

NIFDI support can include any of the following:

A full immersion, schoolwide implementation of DI ties all of these elements together. 

For building the capacity of your lead instructional staff, NIFDI offers the following as part of the National Direct Instruction Conference:

Still not sure?

Check out these videos from school leaders who have implemented Direct Instruction and learn how they have partnered with NIFDI to improve instructional practices and ensure their students’ success.

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