NIFDI Has a Solution for All of Your Literacy Needs!

Do your students perform below grade level in reading? Have performance gaps in reading increased at your school over the last few years? Or do you want to prevent performance gaps from developing by implementing an approach that has been proven to promote universal literacy to virtually all students with functional expressive and receptive language skills?

The National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI) has a solution for all of your literacy needs. NIFDI is the leading provider of training, coaching, and implementation support for the Direct Instruction (DI) methodology, the most well-researched approach to reading instruction. Click on the following to access

  • a bibliography of research studies on DI 
  • a paper on how Reading Mastery incorporates the Science of Reading 

NIFDI supports both developmental and remedial reading programs

NIFDI can support the implementation of the following developmental reading programs:

*For both RMSE and RMT there is an accompanying six-level language program that has been proven to be highly effective in helping children build background information as they develop their written and expressive skills.

NIFDI can also support the implementation of the following remedial reading programs:

NIFDI recommends the implementation of Expressive Writing as a remedial writing solution.

For English Language Learners, NIFDI can provide support for Direct Instruction Spoken English (DISE).

NIFDI provides training and support that meet your school’s needs

NIFDI can support a wide range of types of reading at your school, including:

NIFDI support can include any of the following:

A full immersion, schoolwide implementation of DI ties all of these elements together. 

For building the capacity of your lead instructional staff, NIFDI offers the following as part of the National Direct Instruction Conference:

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