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The Sentence Copying Program, developed at the National Institute for Direct Instruction, is a supplemental handwriting program to accompany the Reading Mastery Signature Edition program. The sentence copying sheets correlate with Reading Mastery’s sequence of skill development but do not employ its orthography. Instead, they provide handwriting practice of letter forms more commonly taught in typical elementary classrooms.

Students in Reading Mastery Signature K must reach at least lesson #60 before starting the Sentence Copying Program. Worksheets may be presented after reading lessons of equal or higher numbers. (Example: sentence copying sheet #74 may be presented after reading lesson #74, 85, or 91, but not after lesson #72 of the correlating program book.).

The Sentence Copying Program books are available to purchase individually, in style sets (Block or Slant), or in a set of all four sentence copying books:


Sample: RMSE K (Block Style)
Sample: RMSE 1 (Block Style)
Sample: RMSE K (Slant Style)
Sample: RMSE 1 (Slant Style)

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