The Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP) is a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with Baltimore City Schools to support four schools in East Baltimore. Under the guidance of the National Institute for Direct Instruction, BCP provides training and support in Direct Instruction to the four schools.
In-depth interview with Zig Engelmann. Includes over six hours of recorded (phone and video) footage.
Links to the Education Consumer's Foundation and the book Clear Teaching by Shepard Barbash.
In recent years, the Common Core State Standards have become a universal language for schools across our nation and play a significant role in instructional decisions made in schools, including curriculum selections. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were developed with the intent to provide a clear framework of what students are expected to learn and to ensure consistent standards, regardless of where students attend school.
The Education Consumers Foundation (ECF) is modeled after the concept of the Consumers Union (the organization that publishes Consumers Reports) and is focused on education policy and practice. Its core mission is to be a trustworthy source of education research and policy analysis for education consumers.
Users of DI often ask where they can find the special font used in the early levels of the programs. Educational Fontware, Inc. is a company that offers a variety of fonts, including the orthography font seen in programs such as Reading Mastery and DISTAR.
  • Fiscal Effect of Reading Failure (Calculator)
This free online Fiscal Effect of Reading Failure calculator enables users to see a projection of the tax burden that is being created by ineffective K-3 reading instruction and how much can be saved by incremental improvement.
The most powerful beginning reading program available!
Guahan Academy Charter School is the first approved charter school in Guam. The school utilizes Direct Instruction (DI) and serves students in pre-kinder through twelfth grade along with a literacy institute.
IDEA Public Schools is a growing network of tuition-free K-12 public charter schools serving more than 20,000 students in 36 schools throughout the Rio Grande Valley, Austin, and San Antonio. NIFDI works with IDEA Public Schools to implement the comprehensive DI model in all of its 14 elementary schools.
The Education Consumers Foundation's interactive reading charts allow users to compare their local schools on 3rd-grade reading proficiency to others in their state.
For use by Psychology 387 students at Athabasca University.
Publisher of most commercially available DI print materials.
Siegfried "Zig" Engelmann's official website! Articles, commentary, and other writings by Professor Siegfried (Zig) Engelmann, creator of Direct Instruction and founder of the National Institute for Direct Instruction.
Hear the sounds introduced in Reading Mastery Fast Cycle using this online tool. The chart also lists what lesson the sound is introduced in.
Voyager Sopris Learning is a publisher of DI programs, including REWARDS.
Check it out! Find Siegfried "Zig" Engelmann - the senior author and creator of DI - on Wikipedia!

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