When delivering instruction, the pausing and punching of keywords to convey skills and content is an integral component of effective instruction.  Emphasizing a critical phrase or word helps students focus on the pivotal part of the presentation. In a distance learning situation, the skillful application of this technique is vital to helping maintain student engagement.

This webinar is based on our popular video in-service Delivering an Effective Lesson: Critical Phrasing.

Participants in this webinar will learn

  • the general guidelines for delivering an effective DI lesson using critical phrasing;
  • how to emphasize bold words in the script;
  • how to identify where pause and punch would be beneficial, even if not bold or otherwise indicated in the script
  • how practicing critical phrasing before teaching to students positively impacts student performance and progress.

Participants will need internet access and the ability to view a PDF on a separate device (tablet, iPad) or print the 6-page participant handout. 

The $40 session fee includes materials and ongoing access to the video presentation.

If you are interested in scheduling a customized webinar for your staff, contact Bryan Wickman at bwickman@nifdi.org.  
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