Proper training is a crucial part of implementing DI with fidelity. Schools that work with NIFDI receive an extensive amount of training as part of their implementation package. All implementations include assessment training, pre-service training, and in-service training. The amount of time needed to train teachers and administrators will vary depending on the scope of the implementation and the size of the school or district.

Placement Test Training

Providing placement test training to staff and conducting placement testing of students in the Direct Instruction (DI) programs are important first steps in implementing any model of DI. The individual assessment results allow students to be placed and grouped in specific DI programs. Placing and grouping students in late spring allows DI instruction to start on the first day of school. Read More

Preservice Training

A common misconception is that Direct Instruction programs are easy to teach because they are composed of scripted lessons. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mastering the instructional skills needed to teach the DI programs is difficult. Preservice is the start of the learning process for teachers, teaching assistants, and administrators to master these skills. Read More

In-Service Training

Throughout the year, the National Institute for Direct Instruction provides staff development through in-service training sessions for schools implementing DI. These in-service sessions pick up where the preservice training leaves off by preparing participants to teach formats that appear later in the program and expanding on techniques covered during preservice. Read More

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