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REWARDS sharpens reading and writing skills and supports all core curricula! The REWARDS family of reading and writing intervention materials is specifically designed for adolescent struggling learners. Educators nationwide have embraced REWARDS as a powerful short-term intervention that results in long-term literacy achievement. The program supports any core curriculum and offers flexible implementation options. The ultimate goal of the REWARDS family is to increase fluency rates, deepen comprehension of informational and content-area texts, and increase precision in sentence writing.

REWARDS Multisyllabic Word Reading: Intermediate

REWARDS Multisyllabic Word Reading: Intermediate introduces students to a unique multisyllabic word reading strategy. This strategy, developed by Dr. Anita Archer, has been proven effective in helping students:

  • Break words into manageable, decodable chunks
  • Read long words in content-area textbooks
  • Read accurately, quickly and with confidence
  • Increase oral and silent reading fluency
  • Improve comprehension as decoding and fluency increase

REWARDS Multisyllabic Word Reading: Secondary

REWARDS Multisyllabic Word Reading: Secondary is an explicitly taught, research-validated reading intervention program. It incorporates a highly generalizable and effective strategy for decoding multisyllabic words frequently found in content-area texts. Daily 50- or 60-minute lessons increase oral and silent reading rates (fluency), expand students’ knowledge of general academic and domain-specific vocabulary, and build students' confidence in their reading ability.

Research studies have shown that students in REWARDS, including English language learners, make significant gains in fluency and in decoding multisyllabic words. Studies have been conducted in a wide variety of settings, including general education classrooms and small-group interventions.


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