The National Institute for Direct Instruction is proud to announce our open-registration events featuring high-quality NIFDI trainers and session leaders. These open-registration training events will provide participants with the same high-quality training that schools partnering with NIFDI have received for years! 

Since its formal creation in 1997, NIFDI has provided training and on-site support to DI implementations in 160 schools located in 19 states, the territory of Guam, and Cape York, Australia. NIFDI has provided large-scale program training in the following locations:

  • Atlanta (250 teachers in 2008)August 05 2013 0015
  • Baltimore (over 450 teachers and 40 administrators in 1999)
  • Guam (750 teachers and 50 administrators in 2004)
  • Nebraska (350 teachers and 55 administrators in 2007)
  • Texas (approx. 220 teachers and 20 administrators in 2011, 360 teachers and 20 administrators in 2012)

NIFDI’s approach to training is based on the same Direct Instruction principles that lie at the core of the DI approach to teaching:

  • Step-by-step breakdown of critical skills;
  • Clear explanations;
  • Frequent and explicit response rate from participants; and, 
  • Mastery of skills before introducing more advanced material.


The National Institute for Direct Instruction offers several formats of staff development throughout the year. The three main categories are Conferences, Institutes, and Academies.

Conferences are primarily held in the summer. This conference offers intensive training in Direct Instruction programs, as well as related topics. Currently, we offer:

Institutes are 5-day single-topic trainings, usually held in conjunction with a conference. The institutes we currently offer are:

  • Becoming an Effective DI Trainer (Eugene)
  • Administrator's Institute (Eugene)
  • Coaching Institute (Eugene)

The last type of open enrollment training we offer is in the form of Academies. These are 2-day events focusing on a single topic. They are run in different regions of the country and typically during the school year. Our Academies include:

With the increasing need for distance learning. We have added Webinars and Forums to help staff navigate Direct Instruction distance learning. 



Free Forums available to stream:
  • Structuring Your School or Classroom for Direct Instruction Distance Learning Success 
  • Delivering Direct Instruction in the Virtual Classroom
  • Parent Involvement, Student Motivation and Engagement in Direct Instruction Distance Learning

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