Has your district received training and on-site coaching support for implementing Direct Instruction (DI) and is now looking for ways of maintaining the implementation with a high level of fidelity?  

The Institute on Becoming an Effective DI Trainer at the National DI Conference and Institutes (TBA) can help your school or district expand its capacity for providing training and support to the DI implementation by developing on-site trainers.

The institute provides advanced training for teachers, coaches, and building coordinators who already have substantial DI experience and are ready to become trainers. Over the course of five days, participants are introduced to the main steps for developing a program training for teachers new to Direct Instruction: creating a training outline, designing materials for a training packet, identifying critical program formats, and articulating the rationale for the program’s design. Participants pre-select a program and level to train, develop an outline for training teachers in the program, and then deliver a presentation to the other participants. Trainees spend approximately half their time with the course leaders and half their time in other sessions observing and assisting actual program training sessions at the institute.

Participation in the institute requires extensive experience with Direct Instruction programs. A prerequisite to being admitted to the institute is a minimum of two full years of DI teaching experience in one DI program.

The institute provides no program training – it assumes that applicants have already been trained in their pre-selected program and have substantial first-hand experience teaching the program. The focus of the institute is on effective training techniques and general content that needs to be included in training. Other sessions at the National Direct Instruction Conference and the Southwest DI Training Conference and Institutes provide program-specific training. 

Prospective participants must complete a separate application for admission into the institute. Download the pdf application here

Direct questions about the institute to institutes@nifdi.org.

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