Recent research continues to document the effectiveness of Direct Instruction. These studies confirm the accumulated findings of decades of research showing that students taught with DI have higher achievement scores and stronger growth rates than students studying with other curricula.

The recent positive findings for Direct Instruction occur with different subjects. They appear in studies of reading and in studies of mathematics.

They appear in different geographic settings including urban inner cities, rural areas, suburbia, and outside the United States.

Positive findings regarding DI appear with students with different learning histories: with middle class high achieving students, with high risk students, with general education students, and with special education students.

Positive findings are documented for students with different racial-ethnic backgrounds: in schools that are predominantly African American, those with substantial numbers of Hispanic students and those with large numbers of non-Hispanic whites.

Positive findings are found for elementary students as well as for preschoolers and those in middle school.

The strong positive results appear with different types of assessments including state test scores, curriculum-based measures, and norm-referenced tests.

The strong positive results occur in studies using different research designs including randomized control trials and quasi-experimental designs.

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