Stockard Book 090120All Students Can Succeed-A Half Century of Research on the Effectiveness of Direct Instruction has been released by Lexington Books. The book, authored by Jean Stockard, Timothy Wood, Cristy Coughlin and Caitlin Rasplica Khoury, is an extensive meta-analysis of the research literature on Direct Instruction.

Senior author Jean Stockard comments, "The literature on DI's effectiveness is massive, no doubt greater than that involving any other curricular program. In our research we found over 500 reports of the effectiveness of DI published over a span of 50 years. We tried to find every study of the program, from research articles to books to dissertations to newsletters. We carefully read each of the reports and made extensive notes (or codes) on the contents including the subject matter, tests used, types of analysis, participants, setting, and, of course, the results."

The publisher says, "Extensive statistical analyses show that estimates of DI's effectiveness are consistent over time, with different research approaches, across different school environments, students from all types of backgrounds, different comparative programs, and both academic and non- academic outcomes, including student self confidence." They go on to say, "An evenhanded style accessible to policy makers, educators, and parents, the authors describe the theory underlying DI, summarize its development, history, and use, systematically examine criticisms; and discuss policy implications."

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