Just as teachers benefit greatly from receiving coaching after they have successfully completed a preservice (program) training in a particular level of a DI program, leaders benefit greatly from a supportive mentoring program after they have received training on their roles and functions. This new NIFDI service is designed primarily as a follow-up for those who have attended the Direct Instruction Leadership Institute or a similar comprehensive training for leaders of DI implementations. Mentoring by an experienced DI expert can help school leaders apply the concepts and procedures discussed during the institute to actual school situations. The mentoring program provides a supportive, systematic yet flexible bridge between the simulated environment to the real school environment.

The primary mechanism for the program is the mentoring call, which takes place via Zoom or another video-conferencing application. In addition to the Zoom sessions, mentors can make site visits and respond to texts or emails on short notice with a response within 48 hours during the work week.

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