Header Chapter LogoThe Reading League, a non-profit organization, recently released a landmark booklet titled The Science of Reading–a Defining Guide. They state their purpose in releasing this document as “Although the scientific evidence base for effective reading has existed for decades, the term 'the science of reading' has gained traction in the last few years, potentially leading to misunderstandings. As a result, we believe that a common definition is useful for the field.” We are hopeful this definition will set the baseline for what effective reading programs must include. Click here to download your copy.

Reading Mastery, from its inception in the 1960s and continuing now, 50 years later, has included all of the features identified as needed to teach literacy to all students. McGraw-Hill Education (MHE) has produced an excellent summary of how Reading Mastery Transformations aligns with the Science of Reading. The document details how the program addresses phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, word analysis, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. Click here to download the document.

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