In response to the loss of learning due to a result of the COVID Pandemic, many schools are turning to a variety of intervention models, including before- and after-school tutoring. Direct Instruction programs, particularly Corrective Reading and Corrective Math, are ideal for addressing skill deficits. To assist educators in maximizing the benefits of DI, NIFDI now offers tutoring support.

This support includes:
  • training a testing team who administers in-program assessments;
  • initial training for tutors;
  • follow-up training sessions on essential delivery skills that match the development of the programs used for tutoring children;
  • onsite or virtual coaching of tutors;
  • coaches’ training for supervisors of tutors;
  • data analysis of student performance in the DI programs;
  • weekly management review calls with the supervisor of the tutoring program.

For more information on NIFDI training and support for a tutoring program, including pricing, call 1-877-485-1973 toll-free or email info@nifdi.org. Help ensure that every child in your school or district achieves success this year through an effective Direct Instruction tutoring program with NIFDI support!

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